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Too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by wangs78 Thanks. I checked their website and they appear to make women's products though. In any case, that doesn't rule them out. Received a pair of the Deller derbys in brown. Beautiful pair of shoes I had heard that they run a 1/2 size large. Did you find that to be the case?
What last?
Quote: Originally Posted by toogies80 I would be rocking those bitches on my feet if they were a size 13. Men's or women's?
Sweeeeet!!!! The depth of the onyx is so much more profound than the black.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan LeatherSOUL, I am pumped about your LA store opening! Looking forward to the suede longwings I just ordered as well. I didn't realize that Alden owned the San Francisco store. Do they own the NY or DC shops as well? I believe Alden owns the San Fran and DC stores but not NY.
If the shoe isAlden model 904 (as it appears to be), it is on the Hampton last.
I wear a 12D in Alden's Plaza, 11.5D in Alden's Barrie and a 12D in EG's 89 last. Any thoughts on my size in EG 202?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu hoodwinked, really? 75% off a pair of GG shoes? I hate SF... The buyer paid market value. The shoes had been for sale for more than a month and he offered to pay, and did pay, what no one else offered to pay. The seller should have disclosed that shoes were rebadged. I wouldn't have been happy if I were the buyer. I probably would have sent an angry PM to the seller and that would have been the end of...
NOS Florsheim tan pebble grain longwings 12E.
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