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PM sent on RL blanket.
Just a suggestion. Is it possible for everyone who has received a list of inventory in their size from Sarah to post the list. That way everyone might have a chance to order even if they haven't heard back from Sarah.
Who makes their shoes?
I, too, have had problems recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Are those wallets bridle leather? I don't know that it matters. He sold out.
Call Ron. He will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat I managed to score the MacKays in dark oak, together with another MacKay pair in black and the Narvells. Since this is the first time I buy EGs stateside I went with two different sizes as I'm unsure of how the fit will translate. Will likely put one of the MacKays up in B&S (am hoping I can keep the dark oaks!) - happy to pass them at my cost plus shipping. Will advise once I get them early next...
Well, no one PM'ed with interest and before I could contact my SA he contacted me. Although I remain ambivalent I decided to get the shoes and see what they look like IRL. If I decide not to keep them I will post and make known their availability. One thing I do know is that they are not coming with trees.
The longwings are listed with a "Buy It Now" of $275, but I am sure that Ron will accept any reasonable offer.
Why don't you take a look at Ron Rider's longwings on ebay. I just got a pair. The materials and construction are excellent. To my eye they stack up favorably with my Alden/BBBF shell longwings.
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