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Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan LeatherSOUL, I am pumped about your LA store opening! Looking forward to the suede longwings I just ordered as well. I didn't realize that Alden owned the San Francisco store. Do they own the NY or DC shops as well? I believe Alden owns the San Fran and DC stores but not NY.
If the shoe isAlden model 904 (as it appears to be), it is on the Hampton last.
I wear a 12D in Alden's Plaza, 11.5D in Alden's Barrie and a 12D in EG's 89 last. Any thoughts on my size in EG 202?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu hoodwinked, really? 75% off a pair of GG shoes? I hate SF... The buyer paid market value. The shoes had been for sale for more than a month and he offered to pay, and did pay, what no one else offered to pay. The seller should have disclosed that shoes were rebadged. I wouldn't have been happy if I were the buyer. I probably would have sent an angry PM to the seller and that would have been the end of...
NOS Florsheim tan pebble grain longwings 12E.
NOS Nettleton tan pebble grain longwings 9C.
NIB Alden burgandy perf captoe bals in 11EEE with BIN price of $145.
Quote: Originally Posted by guroed http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=290418317525 somebody should snag these bontoni size 11 us The only thing is the seller should have included more photos of the shoes. It is really difficult to get a read on the shoes after reviewing the mere 33 photo essay accompanying the listing. What the hell was the seller trying to accomplish with that?
It just occurred to me that SF member Tony the Tailor, who ran the $100 off AE promotion at the year's end, has very, very, very good pricing on Alden's for SF members. I strongly suggest you contact him at his website or PM him for details.
The Alden Shop of San Francisco (that, I believe, along with the DC Alden Shop, are owned by Alden) has a special's page at their website with many (discontinued) models at a discount.
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