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Price Drops. Open to offers and trades.
I will comment. What last are the shoes on? You should probably post photos of the soles. I think your price is still too high; its only 25% off. These shoes were on sale for $240 around Christmas time.
What last are they on and how does it compare to the 89 last?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude got my shoes the other day ... amazing job Tom!!! leather soul's 5th anniversary chukka boot in #8 Yes, Tom's 5th anniversary chukkas are really sweet. I like the Leydon last on these very much.
Westons, Florsheim shell longwings and RL Bluchers are sold. Philip - Yes, the Westons were US 11Ds. Pebblegrain - Unfortunately for me, my hits are nothing to write home about, pretty run of the mill stuff. Believe me, I got no joy out of the selling these shoes; just trying to recoup some cash. Guys, thanks for the nice words.
Loake chukkas and Alden Plaza cap toe boot are sold. I will post photos of the Westons and the two NIB Alden bluchers early this evening.
I can help with 16D: Allen Edmonds 16D shell cordovan Leeds and Randolph at Amazon.com for $210. Don't know how they would fit 16EE. However, if I were you I would call the Allen Edmonds shoe bank to see what they have in your size. I bet you they can fit you at good prices.
South Florida is a wasteland.
You should send an e-mail to David at Tricker's factory store to see if he has any in your size.
They all look the same to me.
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