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Hey zippy, is the quality of leather the same on the BBBF brown cap toe boots and the blue Conistons?
Very nice and a great deal.
SF member Eddievedder sold a lot of those boots here.
The wingtips are on the 240 last. I am unsure about the PTBs.
I previously owned the RL Marlow shell wingtips and a couple of weeks ago I tried on the BB Peal shell wingtips. To me, the shell material and coloring of the two shoes is identical (save for slight variations/gradations based on the Horween batch). I very much prefer the flat welt on the Peal than the Marlow storm welt. I was not completely sold on the Peal on the 240 last (the Marlow is on the 325 last) so I did not buy them. I have a high instep. I generally have...
Who is the maker?
Can you post photos of the Peal and the RL Marlow side by side?
I picked these up today with the 40% off coupon; $448 + tax after discount. My SA had to order them; they should arrive within a week. In the photos, they look dressier than the RL Marlow because of the flat welt. Anyone have any idea what last they are on?
Not my shoes but came across this eBay listing - NIB Alden brown calf NST on Barrie last (model 965). Size 11.5D. BIN price of $229 plus $9.95 shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-1st-Quality-Alden-965-11-5-D-brown-44-/252140644335?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 Sells for $564 at The Shoe Mart.
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