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I used to believe that C&J for Peal, Barneys and Polo were US sized. But - after trying on many pairs - bought both in the States and from the UK - I no longer do. My experience - which you disagree with - is that all C&J shoes are of UK size and fitting.
I believe that every C&J shoe is of UK size and fitting. So, I believe that the shoes are UK 8.5E.
Edward Green for Foster & Son tan and white wingtip spectators on 202 last. Size 10.5E. Some wear but uppers look nice. Starting bid $159 plus $15 shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Foster-Son-Mens-Custom-Made-Shoes-/322261040921?hash=item4b08413f19:g:YvIAAOSw8oFXzybC
The Drummond is close.
Really nice.
Odd size but great deal - NOS NEW VTG Florsheim Imperial 5 Nail V-Cleat Leather Wingtip Oxford Shoes 12 A. Buy It Now price of $65.00 plus $10.00 shipping: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-NEW-VTG-Florsheim-Imperial-5-Nail-V-Cleat-Leather-Wingtip-Oxford-Shoes-12-A-/291863470562?hash=item43f46b21e2:g:33YAAOSwdzVXn55T
Samuelson tan check silk blend sport coat. Size 42/43 regular. Surgeon's cuffs. Near new - seller says he wore it twice. Starting bid of $49.99 + $10.00 shipping. Auction ends in 27 hours: http://www.ebay.com/itm/995-SAMUELSOHN-Blazer-sz-42-44R-Perfect-Silk-or-Silk-Blend-/252518699504?hash=item3acb4991f0:g:yY4AAOSwmtJXXa~k
The shoulder measurement on the Zegna seems off.
What last are the shoes on?
Today is your lucky day:http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/vendors?q=Crockett%20and%20JonesUse code FINAL50% for 50% discount
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