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I prefer slightly more subtle colours with just a splash of boldness. I think it makes a jacket more versatile in that you can wear it more often and with more things.. as per below
Hi JFcooper, This is certainly not the level of service to be expected from us. Please once back and available to come in please can you contact me directly so that I can take care of this personally. Kind regards James Sleater 07595024724
If you can repost with the full compliment of Items it will make viewing much easier... over all as at a first glance it does all look a little large but OTR wth a 36 chest or below you will always struggle.
Hi All, Our next US trip is as follows: May: Wednesday 28th to Saturday 31st Our appointments are held at the Barclay Intercontinental hotel. After placing an order our customers are invited back for their fitting on our next tour. Cad & The Dandy Barclay Intercontinental 111 East 48th Street New York 10017 United States of America For appointments please email or call our Savile Row Shop 0044 207 4344344 Alternatively please book...
Most definitely the alteration work should be done by the company your saw. Normal I understand alterations come off the salesmans commission hence a possible reluctance to do work. But do push back on them if you haven't already had the work done elsewhere. I think if you have had it done already by another company you will not get the bill paid I am afraid. Either way I hope the suit works out
I think a Dogstooth is smarter perhaps than a check but here is a link to a check though that we did (blue jacket and blue check) so you can at least see one... I think the stripe looks better in photos in all honesty but a lot of people especially the bride to be seem to have a growing dislike of 'The Stripe' Good luck in the hunt
Thank you !
Sorry for jumping on the post. Trying not to get involved in posts re Cad or Wildsmith so people can let the thread go where it goes.However perhaps the above is a little over the top GBR - we are not trying to dupe anyone but put right a style error. Building a relationship with a tailor and a tailor with a customer requires a level of understanding that if one says they will put it right that will be done. We are not a faceless highstreet chain where issues and...
Dugdales just launched a new range of tweeds and look fantastic... its being bunched at the moment but we have metre samples of each in our city shop if anyone wants to take an early look!
2nd pair! I have them myself and think they are great. - folding is a great addition!
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