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Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue +1 I am finding the Chromexcels with neocork sole to be fine in the snow and slush. I like that when you're heading back in doors all the snow/salt/slush wipes right off on a mat or whatever, unlike lug soles that only give up some of their detritus after much stamping, etc. are you sure, i sold my indys and bought the ultimate indy with commando sole because i almost killed myself when there was snow...
check out there site just put up some navy boots
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff oh sweet jesus very cool
is there any difference between the denim use in the 1955 lvc to the selvedge denim the levistore.com is selling i wasnt some levi selvedge but can't find my size in lvc.
i have one more silly question is the selvedge denim on the lvc 1955 any differnt then the selvedge denim they sell on levi.com just wondering because i want some levi selvedge but can't find my size in lvc.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 george, ive tried to e-mail you a couple times regarding the status of my pair. can you kindly reply? thanks. try calling him i have called a few times and george has gotten back to me within the same day.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino 38's available aplenty at cultizm. Sometimes Dirk can get his hands on bigger sizes too if you ask him. Side note - Cultizms prices just went up again on the raws... $265 in general now, up from 249. Bought mine for like 219 in June. Sheesh. I'll quickly be priced out. thanks i will try that looks like i need a 40 just measured my waist an i am a 39 time to lose weight.
hey guys do you know where i can buy lvc denim in bigger sizes say 38-40 waist sorry if this is in the thread could not find it.
does anyone know where i can buy lvc denim in bigger sizes say 38-40 waist context is all out thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by triumphman I do realize that the ones pictured are from the Grant last, but just an FYI - Unionmade is coming out w/ them on the Barrie last this week... but, thanks to all for your opinions...think I have decided to go w/ the Indy's...I think... what dexter said. i bought my first aldens about a year and a half ago, now i have about 20-25 pairs it will not be your last, and for the record nothing looks better...
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