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SOLD PENDING FUNDS these are from winn perry worn once alden pebble grain 10.5d barrie last double oiled sole with starbust heel i accept paypal i have many sales so deal with confidence price is 375 shipped. pm or email rboles0729@yahoo.com
i just pick up polo ralph lauren g1 slim fit chinos tts 38 hem is 8.5 like them a lot. got them at macys
Quote: Originally Posted by rick you lucky dog i ordered mine on 12/10 still no email. well i spoke to soon mine will ship next week. can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by sirsigsalot Just got my email confirmation tonight!! Definitely pumped. He must have just made a bunch because I ordered on 1/15 you lucky dog i ordered mine on 12/10 still no email.
Quote: Originally Posted by MickCollins1916 To be perfectly frank, I haven't been overly impressed with Shoemart's customer service in general lately, seconds or otherwise. I sent an email to someone there who has been wonderful to work with in the past, and it went unanswered for more than two weeks. I finally called their phone number and said, "Hey, I would appreciate it if I could get a little help finding what I am looking for, and I'm happy...
spoke with george he said they are shipping boots this week, so maybe will have some fit pics soon. waiting on my brown camp boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Just picked up a pair of Medallion Cap Toes in Color 8. Also put myself down for a preorder for Cigar Cap Toe boots with Commando soles. what last will they be on?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude im pretty sure i asked this before but cant remember the consensus ... once i get more money in a month or so im going to finally pull the trigger on some alden suede chukkas to replace my years old sand suede clarks db ... whats the best color with jeans? snuff suede? snuff
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 My collection is pretty random. I might upload a picture tonight if I can finish my homework on time. 6 pairs of Aldens so far. Would've been 7, but I returned the NWT back to Shoemart for falsely advertising them as Barrie last. Indy 405, Number 8 cap toe boot, Winn Perry pebble grain cap toe boot, cigar shell LWB, J. Crew's tan LWB, dark brown/burgundy pebble grain wing tip boot. In no particular order for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue +1 I am finding the Chromexcels with neocork sole to be fine in the snow and slush. I like that when you're heading back in doors all the snow/salt/slush wipes right off on a mat or whatever, unlike lug soles that only give up some of their detritus after much stamping, etc. are you sure, i sold my indys and bought the ultimate indy with commando sole because i almost killed myself when there was snow...
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