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Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 Just picked up a pair of Medallion Cap Toes in Color 8. Also put myself down for a preorder for Cigar Cap Toe boots with Commando soles. what last will they be on?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude im pretty sure i asked this before but cant remember the consensus ... once i get more money in a month or so im going to finally pull the trigger on some alden suede chukkas to replace my years old sand suede clarks db ... whats the best color with jeans? snuff suede? snuff
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 My collection is pretty random. I might upload a picture tonight if I can finish my homework on time. 6 pairs of Aldens so far. Would've been 7, but I returned the NWT back to Shoemart for falsely advertising them as Barrie last. Indy 405, Number 8 cap toe boot, Winn Perry pebble grain cap toe boot, cigar shell LWB, J. Crew's tan LWB, dark brown/burgundy pebble grain wing tip boot. In no particular order for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue +1 I am finding the Chromexcels with neocork sole to be fine in the snow and slush. I like that when you're heading back in doors all the snow/salt/slush wipes right off on a mat or whatever, unlike lug soles that only give up some of their detritus after much stamping, etc. are you sure, i sold my indys and bought the ultimate indy with commando sole because i almost killed myself when there was snow...
check out there site just put up some navy boots
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff oh sweet jesus very cool
is there any difference between the denim use in the 1955 lvc to the selvedge denim the levistore.com is selling i wasnt some levi selvedge but can't find my size in lvc.
i have one more silly question is the selvedge denim on the lvc 1955 any differnt then the selvedge denim they sell on levi.com just wondering because i want some levi selvedge but can't find my size in lvc.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 george, ive tried to e-mail you a couple times regarding the status of my pair. can you kindly reply? thanks. try calling him i have called a few times and george has gotten back to me within the same day.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino 38's available aplenty at cultizm. Sometimes Dirk can get his hands on bigger sizes too if you ask him. Side note - Cultizms prices just went up again on the raws... $265 in general now, up from 249. Bought mine for like 219 in June. Sheesh. I'll quickly be priced out. thanks i will try that looks like i need a 40 just measured my waist an i am a 39 time to lose weight.
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