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Quote: Originally Posted by HorseHide I have the Leffot version - they are on the Grant last. I still come back to the Tassel's version on the Barrie (Steven at Leffot ordered them on the Barrie and the factory shipped them on the Grant, sort of like the Roy boot starting out on the Barrie and moving to the Trubalance - I guess the customer isn't always right, eh?). And no one else shares my fascination with a Scotch Grain shell? The LWB pair that...
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Yup, with almost nothing in my size. i guess i was lucky i snagged a 10.5d barrie v-tip
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier +1 I'd get on that train as well. +2
tom over at LSH has a nice sale going.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shorty Long If they still have the tags, I'd just go ahead and exchange them for a larger waist size. I'm assuming you're going to be wearing these jeans for a long time and it will be almost impossible to avoid any shrinkage up top for the life of the jeans. Another important thing to take into account...although the upper part of the jeans will shrink with washing, that area (especially around the waist band) will stretch...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby It will create a weird dual texture - the jeans will look different across the line - starched and shiny above, one wash below. Some people put a stick with the correct waist length in the waistband to hold it at that level during a soak. Seems like a better idea. yeah thats what i was afraid of, i think i just will wear until they are really worn in, then take my chances. thanks for all the help...
this might be a stupid questions. can i hot soak the botom portion of my jeans. i want to shrink the length, but do not want to shrink anything above the knee. bad idea?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Thanks for the responses fellas. nyr i think from your post you live in ny, i would go to the lvc store and try on all of the lvc. i bought a pair of the 1966 and sized down, which unless i tried on would have bought the wrong size. plus robert at lvc is very cool to talk to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp After just 10 wears my 55's stretched back to original raw size in the waist. Yours shrunk quite a bit given you only gave them a cold soak; I lost a total of 2.5 inches in the waist after an initial warm soak and then a super hot soak. good info thanks
did a cold soak on my 1955's they shrunk to tagged size, about 3 inches, how much will they stretch back out? thanks for the help.
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