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grant vs barrie. i have tried the grant and for me it does not fit right, and to be honest i don't think it looks very good. i thought tom also mention that a lot of people do not fit the grant last well. i am suprized that people like the grant last over barrie in a boot. i think the barrie is the perfect last for boots. just my 2 cents.
color 8 six eyelet boot barrie last 10.5d price $450 shipped ravello shell with crepe sole 10.5d barrie last price $450 shipped suede longwing 10.5d barrie last double leather sole price $300 shipped i have many sales here, i accept paypal. if you have any questions please pm me or email rboles0729@yahoo.com
thor are these the ones you had made up custom? please share more pics, might be the best boot ever. tom please make these boots.
hey jet the only post i see from you, are hey noob use the search button. maybe its you and your friend. just saying.
just received the IH short sleeve chambray shirt, all i can say is wow, a must have.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Day Man My local outlet is pretty shitty compared to some others I have been to. I will have to remember to stop in any others that I pass by. jackson nj outlet does not except any returns from rrl or any other polo store. only there stuff, hence you are very unlikely to find any rrl there.
cool post
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Don't remember this being addressed anywhere, so feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm wrong... Where (specifically) in the USA are LVC models made (47s, 66s, etc.)? (cone mills) north carolina
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