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Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp After just 10 wears my 55's stretched back to original raw size in the waist. Yours shrunk quite a bit given you only gave them a cold soak; I lost a total of 2.5 inches in the waist after an initial warm soak and then a super hot soak. good info thanks
did a cold soak on my 1955's they shrunk to tagged size, about 3 inches, how much will they stretch back out? thanks for the help.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur you will be very pleased thanks
just bought the six eyelet chukka from tom at LSW will post pics when i get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG We went over this exact subject a few pages back. Citishoes has failed to put the last on their site and the only way to know for sure is to call them. My guess is Barrie or Aberdeen, but just a guess. yeah i did call them the sales person did not know what last, said he would call alden tomorrow. thought i take a stab and see if anyone had them.
Quote: Originally Posted by velomane You could give Citishoes a call, they have these listed on their site. anyone know what last those boots are on
Quote: Originally Posted by Gavin What are prices like on the LVCs there? $250
took a trip down to the lvc store in nyc in the meatpacking district, picked up the 1966, great jean sized down to a 36 my waist is a 38. worth the trip, i spoke to robert who is an expert on lvc, we spoke for about an hour on all the models. i highly recomend. will post pics soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeclanM Hi all Have been reading here for a while but it's my first time posting, so please be gentle if this question has been asked before. I'm looking to buy my first pair on boots, and have my eye on a pair of Alden Indy's. Problem is that I live in Australia and I don't know of any places where I live that sells them, so I must go online. I tried to buy them off Shoe Mart recently, but for some reason they don't ship...
Quote: Originally Posted by Simontuntelder Trapp: If you haven't returned them, then don't. They look great on you pre-soak. They'll be perfect, once you soak them. Rick: Fill the tub, bring a couple of beers and sit in the tub for an hour or two in warm water. Let them dry while wearing them and remember to do some good squats that will settle in the creases. thanks i will give that a try.
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