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Yes it says Barrie but if you read the reviews one person says Hampton, they also have six eyelets so I am not sure.
Does anyone know if the JCrew capote is on Barrie or Hampton I read review and the person said Hampton but JCrew says barrie
Are they on Barrie last the JCrew captoe
thanks i did see them should have mention i don't wear black shoes. the search contiues.
big time lurker, does anyone know where or if anybody has six eylet chukkas coming in. need these on barrie last. thanks everyone.
hey guys looking for alden longwings 10d color 8 or cigar email me at
you are correct sir, these are better then any pics i've seen, the brass eyelets makes them pop.
forgot to quote see below.
bad pic great boot just picked these up.
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