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Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen hey rick - how come the j.crew aldens fell out of favor so quickly? i just don't like the color that much, i have found out the hard way, that tan is just not me great shoes though.
send me your email and i will send pics. i do not know how to post pics here. i will try to find out and post pics here
hi everyone i have some aldens for sale. 1. black calf indy boot from leathersoul bnib never worn commando sole. these are size 10.5d on trubalance last price is $350 shipped in usa only 2. shell cordovan wingtips no 8 double leather sole, worn three times on tremont last size 10.5d price is $275 shipped usa only. 3. alden for jcrew tan calf longwings double leather sole, size 10.5d on the barrie last. worn 4 times. price is $200 shipped usa only 4. alden...
thanks for the quick replies, yes i think i will buy them, and jayjay no i do not have any black shell. i do not wear black shoes anymore, or for that matter black suits, so all shades of brown and burgandy work better for me. thanks again.
hi everyone need some help, i have a chance to pick up a pair of alden longwings in shell ravello. i need help because they are on a crepe sole, and i wear my other longwings more dressy then casual. i also have a pair of cigar shell longwings coming in august on double leather soles. should i go for the ravello because its hard to come by? or is having longwings in color8, ravello, and cigar to much of the same thing. any help would be great.
25% off cordovan shoes, 50% off on suits is what i heard.
what last are those suede alden on
i have a pair of alden wingtip shell cordovan color 8 on the tremont last size 10.5D for sale. the tremont last fits like the barrie last. i have worn these shoes 3 times and bought them from shoemart. i am selling them because my wife bought me a pair of longwings. i can email pics if you like as i do not know how to post pics. the price is 300usd shipped i accept paypal and wire transfer. please email rboles0729@yahoo.com or pm me. thanks, rick.
i ask the same question about what last they are on, and the sales person had no idea what i was talking about, then i spoke with a manager and he was pretty sure they were on barrie last. which makes sense.
i just bought the tan.
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