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sorry if this has been covered by jcrew is now selling alden longwings, only two stores for now the men shop, and the liquor store both in nyc. anyhow the men's shop has a dark brown longwing and a which i thought was cool a light brown tan almost whisky. both are in calf.
hi i have a pair of alden wingtip shell cordovan color 8 on the tremont last size 10.5D for sale. the tremont last fits like the barrie last. i have worn these shoes 3 times and bought them from shoemart. i am selling them because my wife bought me a pair of longwings. i can email pics if you like as i do not know how to post pics. the price is 300usd shipped i accept paypal and wire transfer. please email rboles0729@yahoo.com or pm me. thanks, rick.
thanks guys great info
hi everyone i am thinking about suede wingtips but am not sure how to wear them. very casual flant font pants and jeans, or can you dress them up with dress pants or a suit. thanks for the help.
panerai and iwc both have some limted editions do a google search can't remember the model numbers.
i own many panerai and if was me and this was my first panerai i would go for the 312. the 111 and 005 do not have a date which i like, and are manual wind, so you will have to wind every two days, with the auto 312 keep it on and no winding. yes the 312 is an in-house movement another plus. the down side is the 312 is 7400 retail with little or no discounts, you could pick up a used 111, or 005 for about 3500 to 4000, but like all panerai owners say get the one that...
hi i have a pair of aldens shell cordovan wingtip color 8 style 974 on the treamont last in size 10.5D. i am selling these because my wife bought me a pair of longwings. i bought them as firsts from the shoemart. they have been worn 3 times so they are in great shape. i will be happy to send you pictures of the shoes as i do not know how to post pictures. i have one other sale on this forum, and many ref in high end watches. price shipped is $375 i accept...
go to www.theshoemart.com search alden there all there
thanks everyone. i just bought them
hi everyone i am thinking of buying the alden cigar shell pain toe blucher, to wear with flant front pants/ sports jacket. are these shoes to casual for that? if anyone has them let me know what you think. thanks.
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