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bad weather here in new jersey, so the alden tanker comes out.
Quote: Originally Posted by huskyzealot Anyone got an estimate on price to get a commando sole added by Alden? how about getting a dianite sole added by B. Nelson? $135 and you get free shoe trees
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel is this on the barrie last (from carmel?) yes and yes
just got these alden cigar shell
just got these hope the picture works cigar shell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alito How about the sizing? they are on the trubalance last so 1/2 size down from what you wear.
yep adam emailed me yesterday
just got the call my cigar shell longwings are on the way after a 6 month wait. i will post pics when i get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by rayuela Just received a pair of these Brown Calfskin Chukka boots from TSM: They are brown calfskin Chukkas with what they call "lightweight microcellular outsoles and heels." I really love these boots, but unfortunately the size I received is wrong and they don't have any left in my size. I know these are custom made for TSM, but has anyone seen something similar...
you got a pm slewfoot
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