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Sold Thanks.
please let us not forget the audemars piguet royal oak.
hi i bought these from shoemart and thay just don't fit right i wore them twice. they are the alden shell cordovan longwings 975. they are a size 10d usa. i am looking to get $450 shipped conus. i do not know how to post pics, but i can send a pic through email. please email me at rboles0729@yahoo.com thanks.
he was a great guy, like i said he talk to everyone that came up to him, posed for every picture if people wanted one. i did not find him to be flaunting his money just a guy who likes watches. btw he was looking at patek, and panerai when i met him.
i ran into john mayer at a watch show in new york. he does know watches, he spent about 6 hours at the show talking to other watch nuts, including me and he was a very nice guy. as far as his music i like it. i have a daughter, and his song about daughters just gets to me, but maybe i'm just being douchey.
i was looking for alfred sargent boots and cam across this site www.shoehealer.co.uk i do not know this site, has anyone used them before?
i feel the quality of the fabric, and fit is better at brooks brothers for the same price. also which is a little detail brooks brothers put your name on the inside of the shirt and when it was made.
i am a watch nut and my wrist is only 7. i wear 44mm panerai and 47mm iwc etc. yes i might be to much the other way, but that watch is to small imho it looks like a girls watch. i am not saying you have to go super big but try a 40mm or even 38mm.
i have one there not bad and yes you can take them back. for the money you can get better i prefer brooks brothers to the nordstroms.
i am going to get them. i figure i can replace the soles if they wear out quickly
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