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hello everyone i hope i am not breaking any rules. i have aldens for sale and i cannot figure out how to post pics to the marketplace if i am using my iphone 6. could someone pm me and point me in the right direction or send me a link how to do it. thanks so much.
Yes, I wear color 8, dark brown. It makes for a really great contrast. Try it you will love it.
hi does anyone know who might be offering a six eyelet chukka non shell in barrie or trubalance last. looking for a boot/shoe.
ok i will try that
hey guys i sent an email to randy the cobbler with no response, is there a number to call?
How do I post a picture from my iPhone 6 thanks
Quick question how do I post pics using my iPhone 6 thanks
i got the naval 10.5d yes
I would say the 1955,1944. Levi's.com now sells lvc or if your in nyc the meat packing store has all lvc
Barrie double leather
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