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There has been a lot of talk about Alden customer service and with good reason. I will share a good one. I have a pair of shell color 8 shoes that the welt was coming apart on the side of the shoe I figured I have worn them for a long time and said I will send them for restoration. I got a call from Alden and was told this should not happen and was told the it will be free of charge. I got the shoes back yesterday after about 6 weeks and they look great. I did not...
mike i am confused if i come to the store and get measured the jacket can be made to my specs?
mike or sam can we have the sportcoats made in any size? for instance i am a 48l in brooks brother madison fit and i also have my own mto measurements from other companies.
How about a six eye chukka Barrie last captoe brown clx or scotch grain on commando. The perfect fall to winter shoe boot.
Can you change single to double?
Thanks for the info
hello everyone, quick question what is the biggest difference between single leather sole and double leather sole? is there a comfort difference or just how the shoe looks?
Made to order
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