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my bad the alpine grain
Where did you get those captoe
check out the shoemart website i was looking for color 8 long wing when i pulled it up there was a cigar longwing in size 11 don't know if there still there but if your a size 11 worth a shot.
i was thinking the ranger moc and my barrie shoes are not tight, so i think i will go with barrie size.
how do you guys size the van last same as barrie? thanks.
where are these avaiable?
i would like to order a ff sport coat here is what i measure pit to pit 25 sleeves 26 top to bottom 32 shoulders 21 i normally take a 48r in brooks brothers so not sure what to order. thanks
just callled again rings about 20 times then get number out of service both nyc and brooklyn. i called the numbers off the website.
i am calling from new jersey i called at 1, 2, 3 ,4
is anyone having trouble getting in touch with the stores i tried both numbers and it just rings and rings. want to get fitted for sportcoat. any help would be great.
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