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ok thanks
so nothing for us bigger gentlemen. i am a 48 sometimes a 50
Welcome make sure you check out the first page of this thread, lots of good info
Hey mike will the teba be offered in bigger sizes I'm an xl or xxl 48 inch chest 48 or 50 in sport coat
Can these be made up in any size I take a 48 sometimes 50 sportcoat or an xl or xxl
thanks mike
thanks mike perhaps it's me and my body shape i put them on sat down, and they were showing a pretty good plumbers crack. anyhow i will try mto and measure my best pair of pants and go that route.
hey guys just received a pair of rudy's in olive twill and i find the rise to be very short. i would assume the rise is the same in dress pant fabric? perhaps epaulet trousers are not for me.
hey guys does anyone know where i can get a brown alden boot, all eyelets dress boot barrie last with either double sole or waterloc sole. thanks so much.
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