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Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates These are the only options of Fleming's original work left: The Property of a Lady, 007 in New York, The Hildebrand Rarity and Risico. I'd also like to see a Moonraker remake done well it would have been perfect if it had been one of Connery's first i love the book especially the first half
my first apartment lived here for 5 months and sometime during christmas
I've always liked the design of this hotel(Hotle borg) and its art deco interior +
That is a good looking gun! One of my all time favorite
Ralph Lauren, but it's around $7k
New year's eve, fireworks for $2000 so 2009 was succesfully blown away Me and my grandma -13°C and alot of snow thats how we like it during the christmas holidays
the whole thing just looks bad
The SS knew how to dress....
so does anyone know the quality of Corneliani, Canali and Pal Zileri cashmere sweaters?
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