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I don't know what i like the most, the shoes, the toilet-seat cover or the jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo This would look better with slimmer jeans imo. The jacket looks nice
same old, same old... In need for some new suit and shoes. I've decided to go and shop in London next june. Any recommendations on where to stay, will be there for 2 weeks .
Filson 257 i use for school, by far the best bag i have ever owned
Quote: Originally Posted by DBowers Never had formal training. Here are some picture I took on a recent trip to Iceland (with a used Lumix LX2) and loved. I would appreciate any critique. Like your pics taken in Iceland, did you travel a lot during your trip? I've taken some pics of this church my self,
From last weekend
Suit that a relative gave me after using it only once. Luckily he wears the same size as me
I don't think these ties are going to work with your black suit. Especially that Pavone tie, to much going on. Just go with a solid color tie
Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates These are the only options of Fleming's original work left: The Property of a Lady, 007 in New York, The Hildebrand Rarity and Risico. I'd also like to see a Moonraker remake done well it would have been perfect if it had been one of Connery's first i love the book especially the first half
my first apartment lived here for 5 months and sometime during christmas
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