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I wouldn't have a problem driving this my self if i were a billionaire but driving a four door phantom is just plain silly
Always when i see houses like that from the us i cant help but imagine how weak they are, how easy it is to destroy them. Maybe because every house i've lived in is made out of concrete. Anyway this looks like a Doll's house
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I don't know what this means. hehe english is not my native language but i was trying to say that the W212 is from 2009 and the BMW E60 is from 2004....
I would vote for the MB E550 simply because it is the finest of it's class, the audi A6 doesn't even come close nor the BMW. The BMW 550i is a great car but the current MB E is younger
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Yea I do plan on putting about 12,000 miles on it a year. The 4.2 is basically the same motor that's in the RS4's right? Do those things have a ton of problems? And as far as practicality, I don't need much. I'm 22 and don't have any kids. If I'm going to have a car like this to have fun in, now is the time to do it. I used to have an SLK55 AMG and had no issues with it being small and a two seater. And I drove that...
that HK guy is a genius My apartment is little over 750sq ft, more than enough for a student
I know that vox puts a lot of effort in his combinations but they never seem to catch my eye like for example PG, Binge, mao and gregaz. I dont know what it is, maybe the lack of bright color or just that i think your pics lack personality. This is just my honest opinion
this makes me want to go to Italy instead of London next june, nice pics
what i bought last friday, nothing much Really good vodka called Reyka, i like it because of the purity. Beringer
Víking Gylltur, because it's my favorite
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