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Quote: Originally Posted by cgardel this guy reminds me of Scott Disick the douche who is dating one of the Kardashian sisters ;D
how about these, they look allot better
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO New Gadget Wood (African Ebony) iPhone case Case -- DTO why would you like your iphone bigger than it already is? I've never understood these iphone cases
Pics look good PG, your photography skills are admirable
Cloudy today like almost everyday this time of the year
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Heavily padded shoulders? SB instead of DB? Notch lapels instead of modified Ulster lapels? Looks nothing like the QOS jacket - sorry. I think that coat is suppose to look like the other one he had on earlier in the movie
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo For an old dude, Christopher Plummer is owning it. Very nicely tailored midnight blue DJ with a great PS. Yeah he looks great
Zoe Saldana looks good. This is a good thing.
Casa G(summerhouse) by Guðmundur Jónsson On these photos the lawn is not finished.
The situation is crazy over there, gangs raid the streets and steal anything they can get their hands on in the city of Concepcion, especially food and drinking water. The natural and economic disasters keep coming. Also this earthquake made some damages to the new vessel that the Icelandic coast guard ordered and was almost finished. It lay in a dry-dock in Concepcion. ;( It will probably cost the Icelandic government few hundred million ISK. Not the best time when the...
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