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The Globe-trotter looks great PG
If you want to know anything you can ask me, I'm Icelandic and live in Reykjavík The best time to be here is in the coldest winter months or in the hottest summer months. From late December - Mars for winter(snow) or June - August for summer(15-20+°C), the other months are mostly rain and 4-8°C
no jacket today, just casual
National museum Prague
this machine makes the worst coffee imaginable
Barbour have some tweed jackets that are in the same price range for example its about 200 punds
I've used this type of Parker mechanical pencil for the last 5 years of school, still like new
How ugly can one guy get? His hair is ugly, his clothes ugly, glasses ugly and everything else
Frank Lucas And Josh Brolin from the same movie
Terry Benedict Inside man, the Banker
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