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Excellent thread, does anyone know how much they charge if you purchase something from the UK site and have it shipped to the U.S. including shipping and any customs fees, could someone estimate? I'd really like to buy that biege trench.
Hi, I have been given the opportunity to proxy items and i have been offered near ten percent. The items are around 1000-2500 dollars. (100 to 250) per item. I would really like feedback, because this would be fairly profitable. However it could also be a scam, he wants to pay via paypal/google checkout/wire transfer. I am not sure about liability when dealing with pieces of this value. Do you think it sounds like a scam, or is it fully safe?
Actually judging by this situation it could be a number of things. This is my best guess. You probably had no pink before the period of acne? My guess, you were probably on a 4th level of prescription, possibly a version of accutane. generally after accutane people experience the 'red face' you are describing however it usually goes away gradually. It could actually turn to rosacea which is not uncommon with patients on accutane. Anyways you should look up...
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 I've been doing some searching, but can't come up with anything. Why was there a group of people lined up against the wall in the first place? Just trying to understand the context of the situation. That being said... This was a terribly unfortunate incedent. Regardless of whether the police felt threatened, that officer made a horrible mistake and should suffer the consequences. IMHO, the shot looked...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tardek I think the shooting was probably an accidental discharge. He would have been pumped with adrenaline, and it doesn't take much of a twitch to pull the trigger. At the end of the day, you just can't provoke someone into pointing a gun at you - and if they do, you have to expect that it might be fatal to you. what about a safety?
Hi I have the option of buying a pair of new dior MIJ size 34 for 165. or the option of buying some number (n)ine raw jeans for 135. The thing is the diors will most likely be too large, however I think it is profitable to buy and sell them, even though I am not permitted to sell here. what shall i do?
Quote: Originally Posted by RLPL Junkie 400 There was no mention of a reserve price. How unfortunate.
Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound go to any clarks store in person they can have it shipped to your house after you pay there. i had to do this couldn't find beeswax online either. Is it possible to call up a store and then have them ship it to your house?
I agree perfect fit and a great cut. I have a pair of the exact revolve ones, and they have been worn over a course of 4 months and there are two pea sized spots where the denim on the two back pockets is fading. The fading is minimal, on the left pocket it is the very top right, and on the left pocket it is the very top left. They are however one of my favorite pairs of jeans, but could be better in terms of durability.
I can't seem to find the desert boot in beeswax online.
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