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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff according to Gilt, it is $1900 retail. a bigger picture would be nice. rachel comey boots if you can get your size
I know of a nice place to meet people, the BK Lounge. A fine place, that has no bouncers hence easy to get into.
They look nice.
I'm not forking out? he's paying me
Tees: 15 I only buy plain tees these days Shirts: 100 Jeans: 300 Sweaters: 100 Outerwear: 300 Sneakers: 100 Shoes: 200
anyone ever try clive christian?
30x32 please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas The only country I am aware of where all transactions are 100% safe and secure is Nigeria. They have a sophisticated banking system that strongly discourages fraud and offers restitution to victims. So if he's Nigerian, I say fire away. How unfortunate you took this chance to make a witticism, hes canadian.
perhaps, but this isn't evolutionary considering how fast it has happend. This is not a gradual change, this is most likely a result from medications and treatment that has been undergone during his period of "severe acne"
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