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Anyone know where I might find a pair of low white achilles with some kind of rebate/discount code offer?
asdf This jacket in HM's new collaboration with Versace, would you guys say it goes under the "black tie" or "suit" dresscode, or under both depending on how it's accessorized?
So I was into a BB store in Miami Beach (Bal Harbour centre) and I was about to try on a shirt. I'm 15/35 apparently, and they didn't have any in stock. Apparently, there wasn't a single shirt in that size to be found in the whole Miami area... So i tried on one of these sport shirts, And I was thinking about buying some of those instead, (maybe I will order a shirt to my hotel, just to try etc) Theres only one...
Mmm yeah... I'm going to have to ask if anyone know about a similar looking pair of sunglasses, maybe larger size?
Idk what I should put in the title, but I wonder if US-mail/webshops offer the possibility to order stuff on "COD" (Cash On Delivery) in the US? I'm from Sweden, and I'l be visiting Miami for a couple of days in May, then again in June. I'l of course go shopping, but I'l have a limited time, and I've got some special items I'd like to order which would be hard/impossible to find in stores. And because of the limited time, I was thinking about ordering the stuff so I...
Anyone know any place that sells some CP w. discounts? (dont feel the yellow ones at Yoox)
You should get some of these:
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