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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Who are they? I'm not sure if I count as a "mainstay" seller or as a smalltimer. I will say this: As a buyer, I'm not interested in someone's used shirt. Not gonna buy their used trou or used shoes. Not even going to buy their used suit. For the most part, I want NWT stuff. And, as a seller, that's what I generally find the most demand for. Like it or not, most of the NWT stuff is going to come with a markup. I...
Gonna return these tomorrow if no takers, but knock 5 bucks off to save me the hassle.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu The anti-seller culture kinda sucks here (and on most of the intrnet). It seems that we are looked at as more of a burden to the forum than a service. Sure, we make a small cut, but most of us bring merch at 50-90% off BNWT, and a lot of work goes into selling. Ive seen threads shitted on because the price was "too high, youre making too much money" when the item was 70% off retail. To be fair plenty of...
banning is too much, especially with new members, but the behavior should be called out.
Hi all, Just got these from Gilt Groupe but they don't quite fit me right. If anyone wants them, they are yours for what I paid (98 dollars >> 93) plus shipping. Otherwise I'll just return. These are black selvage jeans made from premium japanese denim in size 34 waist (probably fit a real 35 best) and an inseam of 35.5. Check out pics or info at
Wouldn't this be more like a BB2?
I've got a killer blue spruce hoody, a kind of greenish blue color, but it is just a few inches to small on me. I'd love to trade it for a larger hoody from Spruce or W+H, if anyone has one that is just a little too large. Perhaps just sell if no one will trade. I believe this is the tiger fleece style. I can post actual pictures if there is interest, but it looks like this (grabbed from online): except a tad...
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Denim hysteria. Let's say the inseam shrinks two inches. You've got half of that above and half of that below the knee, so your combs raise a whole inch at the knee. That hardly leaves your combs at mid-thigh. Seriously. Not to mention you can easily stretch the jeans out while they are still damp. No reason to pre-soak anything.
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