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take it in an inch of course if your waist is literally 33 inches you want the pants to be 34 inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy They are too small. It's very tight in the shoulders. hard to tell exactly how well the body fits, but that suit is NOT too tight in the shoulders. It is pretty easy to see where your shoulders end and they end around the seam, meaning the suit fits properly in the shoulders. Your shoulder is not poking out in the arm fabric, so it is in no way tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I use Ugras on the UWS. I use him for simple alteration work. He is quick and convenient. A number of the tailors mentioned here are a little too downtown to be convenient. http://newyork.citysearch.com/profil...om_tailor.html Anyone else had experience with these guys? I'm looking to get a used suit altered (waist, hem, sleeves taken out a few inches each...) and would rather not go all the way downtown....
I believe SF deserves renumeration and I don't sell much so this stuff doesn't affect me. Still, I think the checkout system is more likely to cause mod hassles (and cutting down on those is one of the stated goals) and I also think it would be more likely to discourage some smaller sellers. I love SF and have abandoned the other somewhat similar boards to read and browse here exclusively. But on a practical level, I think many people would be turned off by checkout fees...
How would you say those spring courts fit? Like an 11? Larger? Smaller?
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Then outlaw all OP bumps except for price reductions and the addition of new items and pay Style Forum a set percentage of an item's final selling price. Thereby eliminating all hassles for mods and fairly compensating SF for the provision and upkeep of the selling venue. This may be more intuitive, but it seems like a MUCH larger hassle to police and program. Seems like lots of people whould try to find...
If you are willing to pay a little more, try and h&m peacoat from APC.
Did you try Uniqlo? They have pretty cheap h&m peacoats, but I dunno if they do phone orders?
Quote: With no free bumping, will there basically be no price drops ever? What a strange idea... I assume some people will still drop prices to move items that aren't moving and also to appear to be making better deals. On the plus side, it will likely cut down on the initial price inflation, where you build in several price drops form the start.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I agree that there ought to be room for both types of sellers, thus the idea to give a free number of threads within a given time frame. This would allow infrequent sellers of single items to repost (see post above) without having to bump, but also without taking away the usefulness of paid bumps. I think that's a really good idea. I'd be thinking something similar just now. In addition to helping single...
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