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Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Buy on sale. The "fit issues" are overblown, unless you are afflicted with the slim-shirt obsession that's been plaguing these boards for a while now. Ugh, no, it really depends on the body. If you are someone with a big neck, like I am, but a normal body you are going to have a shirt that is like 7 sizes too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lustre If you can get through their strange phone ordering system, Uniqlo, hands down. I second Uniqlo, at least if you live in NYC and can try them on. I seriously get more compliments on my uniqlo dress shirts than any others I have. Simple solid designs for a good price.
I'm looking to get a simple dark blue cotton suit and I live in NYC. Any advice on who makes a good decently priced one or where to go for a good sale? Cheaper the better...
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright Second on that. My eyes lit up when I saw the waist size then fell when I saw the inseam. New-ish pairs too. Good luck with the sale. Big shorties will win out on this one. ditto
How do the shoes fit? Any measurements?
Damn, if only this was a bit bigger I'd be interested. Nice suit. ETA: Are you sure about these measurements? They dont' seem right for a 40R suit.
damn, I wish I'd gotten here in time for that pink elephant tie. PM me if it doesn't work for you, rockyfella.
anyone happen to have one?
damn I wish that Dunderdon was a large
damn, missed it. Nice watch
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