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Yeah how much was it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral I recently bought a cotton suit (khakhi) from's their house brand and it's quite nice for the money. I paid $270 on sale..........and it does come in navy!! Fit's great off the rack....... sounds like exactly what I need. Maybe I'll hit up Bloomingdales tomorrow. Thanks!
I dig it! Although sizing wouldn't quite work for me.
The most important thing is your shoulder measurements. That's the only thing that can't really be fixed.
by the standards of this board, probably 99.9% of the time. I don't go out in public in clothes I think look awful though.
Ah, well it looks like that is the deep south of Brooklyn so further from me than LES/Chinatown places.
Normally I'd say all the rules about what suits to wear are pretty silly. Most jobs are not going to care if you wear a black suit or a fancy tie. However, for a sales position at a clothing store you might want to get it right.
no brooklyn tailors in this thread? I think I'm going to try LNC for the bigger work i need done, but if I have a cheap jacket that I just want the sleeves lengthened a half inch is it wroth just going to a normal alteration place?
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt B J Crew? I tried on one of their made in Mexico, two-button suits and it seemed reasonable for the price (it was at a discount store, so the price was only $150). Buttoning point was a bit low for me, however. M hmm yeah J. Crew might work
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