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Quote: Originally Posted by dropout5 as others have said, biggest problem is the shoulders but that's an expensive/ time consuming fix. average wedding goers are far less critical than this crowd though. you'll be fine. Pretty much. Only real problem is shoulders are too wide and you can't fix that. but really, most people probably won't care.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Put it this way. The woman has no crime, but not-good-looking woman is not good looking, and should not be called "extremely attractive woman" to support one's argument. And when talking about woman with their clothes, in a StyleForum, why the fuck should I shut up? Can't bare the comment (even not on yourself)? GTFO! I find it unlikely you've dated someone as attractive as her. This woman is not some...
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Of course, there will be those. The same way we have a lot of members who don't know dick about clothes but always want to give advice. What I said was that there will be no surprise if many (not all) here dates 9+'s. We, in fact, have seen many pictures of those around the forum. Whoever gave that knee comments was It would be an extreme surprise if most people here date 9+s, and the criticism of extremely...
Didn't see this guy posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Sleeves are a normal fix. Get the pant waist taken in. Also a normal fix. All easy. This and maybe try a 41L
Quote: Originally Posted by plei89 Let me clarify, I did not purchase these to resell. Upon buying these, I thought they were a size 8 (my size). The seller had already shipped them out by the time he responded to my purchase. Therefore, I'm reselling the boots. If these fit me, I would have kept them. There's no difference between doing this and buying a hermes tie at a thrift shop for $2 and selling it for $100. The buyer can decide for themselves...
Quote: Originally Posted by 95onthewater absolutely gorgeous out of budget... ditto I'd love to have those lion head ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by razl I have no idea who plei89 is. I'm not a troll and am dead serious. I'm sorry, did you have a problem with the merits of my point? What merits? People sell clothes at a discount on this site because it makes the forum nicer and they value what the forum provides. To purchase something and then turn around and sell it for an extra 200 bucks is totally gross and really pretty indefensible.
Gingham is for all time
Quote: Originally Posted by razl Hey douche, don't you know it's bad form around here to try and fuck sellers by pointing out to everyone how much they did/might have/might not have paid for something? Why is it any of your fucking business how much he wants to sell them for? If he posts them for a bazillion dollars and - dammit! - I wanna buy 'em for it, why is your nose in the middle of it? Oh, I see you're the "too much profit" police. Tell...
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