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Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Then I think that paying extra for US made shirts is simply irrational economic behavior. You do realize you are posting on a board where people will pay like 15 times the normal price for a name brand clothing item that maybe 2 of their friends will even be able to notice. Just saying!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan Graber As a student I have to say that how my professor dresses plays a large role in my overall opinion of them, I tend to respect the professors that at least dress decently much more than the ones who obviously look like they just don't care. A big factor in my initial sartorial reaction to a new professor generally involves sizing up the quality and probable cost of their ensemble and then measuring it against my...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Navy cotton sounds like it would fade easily. Hmm I went ahead and bout a seersucker suit so maybe I'll just get a navy wool suit (I know I know, how do I already not have one?)
Bloomingdales has a sale on their house cotton suits for about 250 a suit (50% off).
Bloomingdales didn't have my size and didn't have any other navy cotton suits. Other places I looked didn't carry those either. Didn't think this would be rare at all...
What is the neck on the NSF?
No. Very low on the list of what a woman would judge someone on, extremely bad or amazing shoes aside.
a lot of users are known to sleep in their shoes for months on end so that they can technically sell them as "worn once"
Quote: Originally Posted by dep126 I'm looking at a suit on ebay and had a question for the experts about measurements. It's listed as a 42L and everything seems right except for the shoulder. It says its 18.5 inches from seam to seam across the back. Does this seem a little short to you? I checked a couple of my other jackets, both 42L, and they range from 19.5-20 inches. And most 42l I see show around the same also. Is this as important as chest size?...
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl This coming from a guy with a 'redskin' avatar... just sayin' I don't think the official redskin avatar as a mullet and a raccoon tail.
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