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"What shrinks in, must stretch out" - Newton... or someone.
Damn, who sniped me for those size 11.5 Allen Edmonds I was bidding on
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift how bout for button up shirts? do you wear the v neck so it wont show up underneath Yes. I tend to wear it so the shirt doesn't get dirty and you don't have to wash it after every wear... but always a v neck.
Don't hem these... they aren't dress pants. Jeans are supposed to stack.
hoodies, track jackets, probably anything simple like scarves, socks or underwear...
Quote: Originally Posted by otc From thrifting I would throw out some of these: Van Heusen Gap Arrow Nautica Tommy Hilfiger Can't pull any more super common ones off the top of my head but maybe after I hit up a thrift store today I can report back yep i'd assume something like that. Cetainly not something like T&A....
jeans and boat shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by ........... Dunderdon sale today at - 62% off damn, wish I hadn't missed that.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Alternative Apparel eco-heather crew tee on Amazon for $6 (most sizes/colors). It's listed as a women's shirt, but in reality the shirt is unisex. Order your normal size. I just got 3 mediums and the sizing seems to be spot on. Go over $25 and get free shipping. Other Alt app stuff on sale there, but not as good as that tee. How do these fit compared to other shirts? (Like, I dunno, American Apparel?)
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