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Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Is it not obvious? stolen, fake, seconds/rejects sold for rags but redirected. There are no such things as free lunches \ d no trdaer is a charity. I mean, you can go into department stores and buy tons of suits for 30%. It isn't necessarily stolen or fake.
Actually I also have a flea market tie that is pretty mangled from being rolled up with a rubber band. How risky is ironing it?
I need to find a cheap navy suit in NYC. Guess Barney's warehouse would be my best bet?
Guess this is as good a place as any to ask this: I have an hermes tie I got at a yard sale for a dollar (ie this isn't a big deal if I can't fix) that I just noticed seems to have been ironed wrong or in some otherway bent so that the triangle tip is lopsided---one side is longer than the other. Can I get a drycleaner or someone to iron it back correctly or is it a lost cause?
Looks good. Everything could be slimmer probably, but that's taste to a large degree. The sleeves looked a bit messed up from the back though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man Inseam: ~10.5, that can't be true. Maybe its Cotton Hill's old suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 +1. I don't see many wearing them these days. what? If anything I see these more often than ever, it seems like every other big tie maker has started ripping off this style. If you walk into a place like Bloomingdale's or Barney's there are tons of them.
although plenty of these are dumb, the best ones look amazing and are pretty much the best ties for my money. LOVE that hippo tie in the first post.
I'm a fashion youngster who is just starting out getting some ties. I'd totally rock ties 2 and 3 on the regular (maybe 5 too) if they are still around.
Damn wish I'd gotten to that Buddha tie
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