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Thanks for your help.
hi, does anyone know how the sizing from Russell Boot compared to red wing 9111 (round toe) is please ? regards RWL
search for Vibram 2644 Durban
german cobbler namedMa√üschuhmachereiDer SchusterWerner Sibla90‚ā¨
some pictures from my modified Indys with Gumlitesole and orthopedic heel. the shock absortion is great. i love them
fantastic !
as I thought, thanks. he has only a sole in brown shade but can dye it like you said.
can someone tell me whether the crepe sole is painted black ? i ask my cobbler to resole my indys with a crepe sole, he told me that this should be no problem. but he hasnt a black crepe sole, according to him alden painted them black, but i cant believe this. he is a official alden cobbler.
thanks a lot, they have great prices, but unfortunately not in my size. i had wrote them a question about the exact us size, look what they have answered me:"Dear Customer,We apologize but we have examined in ns. storage size available now is just a tv news. 11 Usa (45 Ita )However, the data transmission within the calzatuta alden plain derby11 C / E 13132Y shell cordovan Brown."and I thought my English was bad
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