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3344 has the mini lug sole. the other two the normal cork sole.
maybe this will help you.
according to the red wing heritage webpage they are only available in d width. i dont know when the 3137 arrived in the market, but 2-3 years ago, red wing changed the sole.
nice chukkas, great buildquality, but the last is very narrow. you have to order 0.5-1 size larger than rw with last 8 (roundtoe, beckman).if you are ok with that, look for chukkas with the newer sole. the old one is bicolor and very stiff. have a look at the picture. you know a good cobbler its all possible.check out this page for some...
Thanks for your help.
hi, does anyone know how the sizing from Russell Boot compared to red wing 9111 (round toe) is please ? regards RWL
search for Vibram 2644 Durban
german cobbler namedMa√üschuhmachereiDer SchusterWerner Sibla90‚ā¨
some pictures from my modified Indys with Gumlitesole and orthopedic heel. the shock absortion is great. i love them
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