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Nice, I will be ordering shortly. I like the nappy look of the suede.
Thanks for the update AnGeLiCbOrIs. Question: Did the EU/US ratio change, or am I wrong?I notice that the EU9 is US10.5. Since I am between a 10 and 10.5, I was going to go with eu9/us10, but balked with that eu/us ratio change, to eu8.5/10, does that have any effect on the size? Thanks in advance.
Bobby Flay at Zimmermans in Ann Arbor. He was just having lunch with his daughter. Most people around didn't recognize him.
Do these fit tts? Thanks in advance
is that $229 for both pair?
Great show, I'm hooked. Marathon ing through them while at home sick with a cold. I'm stoked to see some SF'ers were making an appearance. Well done!
The Rove looks promising.
How much fabric is there to let the sleeves out?
Can I get a sleeve measurement please?
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