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Can you point out the scuffs that you mentioned please?
Inseam please?
Are the pre ordered double monks starting to ship? I ordered mine in early March, and can't wait to get them!
Nice vans!
Let me know if the sale falls through, ill take em.
Very intersted. I just need to know the inseam please! Thanks in advance.
May I have a sleeve length on the 48's please? Thanks in advance.
How much fabric is there to let the sleeves out?
Nice, I will be ordering shortly. I like the nappy look of the suede.
Thanks for the update AnGeLiCbOrIs. Question: Did the EU/US ratio change, or am I wrong?I notice that the EU9 is US10.5. Since I am between a 10 and 10.5, I was going to go with eu9/us10, but balked with that eu/us ratio change, to eu8.5/10, does that have any effect on the size? Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: