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ARe these still available? thanks!
Are these Arran's still available? They do look amazing. Obviously, it would be nice to try them on. I've never tried St. Crispy's
Is that 10.5B us or Uk? Either way it is narrow right?
Very nice.
Hi, So is this a knit blazer? Thanks! J
I just snagged my first Carmina! The last Sinclair Shortwing Boot Burgundy Shell Cordovan, which happened to be my size 10.5 us. Crossing my fingers and rubbing the Buddha belly that it's a good fit as I've Never tried on Carmina before. I'm a solid 10.5 in Allen Edmond so I hope I'm good! These boots look amazing.
They look nice, Adagio. How does this last fit? Would you say it's a TTS 10.5D US? The last does look nice and sleek, I'm wondering if it's a bit on the narrow side of a US D width? I am new to Lobb. Also, how much wear would you say they have had, on the leather soles? Thanks in advance, sir! Jason
The Eidos stuff is looking awesome. I just got back from a couple weeks in Italy and it was quite a revelation in style for me. Nick, your stuff is knocking it out of the park and I can't wait to see it in the flesh....errr...fabric... Any chance Bloomingdales in Chicago is going to have Eidos?
Kent, In October I picked up your awesome sneaker in grey. It's an awesome make up! I put it on and it felt decent. I tossed the box, then wore it into work for a half-day and then realized it squeezed the heck out of my right foot. I left for a trip to Europe the next morning, leaving them at home, which was a bummer as it was going to be my Europe walking sneaker Having come back, do I have any options to return without the box or anything? Would you recommend sizing...
How do these fit? Tts?
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