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I just grabbed a pair 5 minutes ago in 10. Thanks for this post, as I saw earlier they were out of stock.I do hope these jcrew versions are exactly the 975. Does anyone know if anything is different than Aldens standard 975?
Wow, great trousers! What are they?
Ok ok, I am prone to hyperbole Do people find the Commando clunky at all? I have not seen an Alden Commando in person on a longwing or the chukka.
ClassyCanuck: Do these have double leather or Commando soles? I'm getting these or a longwing/shortwing and losing sleep over picking the soles. I'm in the midwest and get a lot of rain unexpectedly so my shoes have to be able to not die if walked in some rain puddles from time to time. Considering Alden of Carmel have both Aldens on Commando as an option or getting double leather and perhaps Topy them just to secure from the rain. How have yours held up in the elements?...
How do the Arrans fit in relation to the Carminas 9.5eu you have listed? Only ask as I own some Carminas and familiar with the fit. Thanks in advance!
Ah, on ebay..Ok, I will check out the auction. Btw: I follow you on Instagram. I didn't realize that was you! You have great stuff for sure! Thanks, @deviant_saint
ARe these still available? thanks!
Are these Arran's still available? They do look amazing. Obviously, it would be nice to try them on. I've never tried St. Crispy's
Is that 10.5B us or Uk? Either way it is narrow right?
Very nice.
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