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I would get in this. I love that st. Crispin boot.
Great looking shoe. I cannot for the life of me find that one on the Meermin site. I only see dark brown and snuff suede. I would like that makeup you have right there!
On the C&J tassel loafs: is that brown a darker or mid brown suede? Is the fit pretty standard for us 10.5? Thanks in advance. If only you could shrink the Arrans by .5 size
Could anyone point me in the direction of the Meermin Navy Double Monks? Anyone know if that was a special run or one that will return?
Would you say the Tricker is smaller than the 10.5 Barrie? I do love that Green cordo......
Could you tell me a bit about the fit of the Tricker's Cipresso Shell Cordovan Longwing Size 9.5 UK Fitting 5 ? I see you also have some Alden Barrie in 10.5. How do the trickers fit in comparison to the Barrie 10.5? Thanks in advance.
Could you tell me how the fit is on the: Crockett & Jones Handgrade for George Cleverley Aubergine Burgundy Suede Double Monks Size 10E UK ? Thanks in advance! J
Driggs in Caramel Duck canvas? Exactly what I was wanting to happen! I'll grab a 34 soon as they're here.
Very nice makeup: Is that a custom MTO?
damn. would have grabbed those 9.5uk.
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