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Wanted asap: APC New Standard's in a size 34" if anyone knows of a good deal on them.
Inseam on the 36 please?
Quote: Originally Posted by RLlikes cultizm.com I checked out cultizm.com, thanks. However no inseams longer than 34, which sucks for me, I need a 36. Also looked a the levi's UK site: it would be nice to have all those LVC's on the friggin US site, what the hell is up with that? Do Levi's stores carry the LVC lines?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac haha I will try to help. It is extremely unlikely that the pair of 10-year-old jeans you have in your closet are in any way attractive today. Unless you are a denim collector, the only thing you could have possibly bought 10 or 15 years ago which would still look good today are raw LVC 501 47s or raw Lees which would have been pretty hard to chance upon in 1995. If you got plain 501s in a stone wash, those look...
are the Lacoste polo's new or used?
Quote: Originally Posted by Osprey Guy I hear you.... Their belt quality is inconsistent. It helps if you get to handle them in person prior to buying. I've seen/handled AE belts that are only fair at best...and others that are rather nice. I'm a big fan of Martin Dingman belts. I own around 100+ belts. Of the last 30 that I've purchased...about 20 of them are Dingmans. They make lots of different flavors. Most retail from $115 to $225. Their...
This season there are those Rlpl big pony or double pony polo's. They are pretty obnoxious in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonvolt10 From J.Crew on sale: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/...5305/90891.jsp Why is jCrew stuff all wrinkled. I saw a trench in their catalog and went' in the store to check it out. It looked like someone had it wadded up in their glovebox for a month. I know it's cotton and it's going to be a bit wrinkled but, is that fabric explicitly wrinkled to stay that way? Anyone gotten something like this from...
I would take one in Large.
Any 42l available?
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