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I am anxiously awaiting the WvG shirts. XXL's for me!
Have been casually looking for the same thing. I picked these up at Gilt yesterday http://www.gilt.com/s/sevenspring/product/14151079 they look like a nice slim fit, have a little mire cas look with the 5 pockets. Should get them next week, I hope they are a good fit. I'll let you know.
Is the fit true to size?
I am totally down with one of those wolf vs goat shirts as soon as it's available Can't wait!
Any way to custom roll a 16.5 with an extra inch of sleeve length? Not to put you in the custom business or anything. Perhaps an extra charge to get the longer sleeve? Thanks.
So are these raw denim? Wondering to account foe shrinkage.
What is the chest measurement of the Corniliani? The rlbl, is a 42 and geez, the chest measures 42. Man, no room to move or breathe if you're a 42.
Could I get sleeve lengths please? Thanks
What is the sleeve length on the zegna reversible? Also, what fabric? Is it cotton on the tan side?
are there sleeve lengths? would want a sleeve length on 16.5, and do a proxy.
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