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What is the sleeve length on the zegna reversible? Also, what fabric? Is it cotton on the tan side?
are there sleeve lengths? would want a sleeve length on 16.5, and do a proxy.
At that price I can't help to at least suggest you take a look at a decent quality, bang-for -the-buck watch. bernardwatch.com/avier I've had an Avier diver for several years of everyday wear and it's been great. They all have Swiss movements, mostly well proven workhorse ETA auto movements. See if thee is anything in the style you like, I did see that they now have some black anodized finishes. Anyway, at that price you can get a foot in a decent long lasting...
How many cards does #2 hold? Thanks.
HRoi is a fantastic seller! Great communication, accurate product description, well packed, super fast shipping with tracking number. Furthermore, all this was over a holiday weekend! HRoi, is a pleasure to do business with!
Hoping for more 16.5!
I think this suit fits well enough. It's kinds cool that you've got a slightly cropped jacket but not super slim cut otherwise. I like the look and would not try to slim it up, as it were. Go for your modern slim cut in your next suit
Thanks. Although, I already did my soak. I should still be able to get it off though.
Does anyone remove the big Levi's patch, that's across the belt area. It seems huge to me, so I thought about removing it. Would I try it with a seam ripper, or what's the best way?
Anyone know how to get free shipping also? Stack another code or something? Shipping is 15, for my order, cuts into my savings.
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