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Quote: Originally Posted by poodlerock Do you guys ever run into any Thom Browne BF at outlets? I'm in Minnesota, and there's no BF in the few BB stores we have here and no BB outlet . . . That was going to be my question exactly. Nothing BF in Indy store, but would love to see some BF Browne discounted. What's the best way to find?
Nice suit! So close by no cigar. Pants are wrong for me, waist and inseam. Otherwise I would be all over it.
Anyone in Chicago? what's the best place to find RLBL, RLPL suits and such? I know of the Polo RL store on Michigan, is that the best bet? I'm a couple hours from Chicago but would drive up fir a sale to grab a suit.
I picked up these: some AE Eastons for 60% off thanks to that awesomSF PSA of shoes.com sale last week. I'm excited to wear them, but wanted to actually try to get on the polish thing early. So, as I was reading some other posts about treating shoes before first wearing them, I ordered from Franco's some Crema Nubiana, and have the AE Saddle Brown polish on the way. My plan was to treat with Crema Nubiana and then a little AE polish. However, the Easton has that dark...
Keeping an eye in your coming g incotex in 36". I'll watch your updates or Pm me. Thanks!
Price Drop! offers?
I really would like to see some pics. I'm interested in the Zegna jacket and suit, curios to see the Kiton as well. Thanks
You can buy GF/Wife fine, luxurious lingerie yet they always default to the old flannel checked pajama pants.
Loafers Sold.
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