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This season there are those Rlpl big pony or double pony polo's. They are pretty obnoxious in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonvolt10 From J.Crew on sale: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/...5305/90891.jsp Why is jCrew stuff all wrinkled. I saw a trench in their catalog and went' in the store to check it out. It looked like someone had it wadded up in their glovebox for a month. I know it's cotton and it's going to be a bit wrinkled but, is that fabric explicitly wrinkled to stay that way? Anyone gotten something like this from...
I would take one in Large.
Any 42l available?
Price drop. Down to $50! These are a steal at that price.
Is it a 3/2 roll?
perfect, thanks!
I would like to know how to size up the quality of a suit/jacket while in a store. As I am a bargain hunter and also trying to learn a bit more about suits and jacket construction. I'd like to be able to kick the tires on the quality of a suit in a store. What steps would you take to do this? The big item, I have no idea how to tell if the jacket is canvassed, or half-canvassed for that matter. I thought there may be some threads on this topic, but SF search feature...
Quote: Originally Posted by poodlerock Do you guys ever run into any Thom Browne BF at outlets? I'm in Minnesota, and there's no BF in the few BB stores we have here and no BB outlet . . . That was going to be my question exactly. Nothing BF in Indy store, but would love to see some BF Browne discounted. What's the best way to find?
Nice suit! So close by no cigar. Pants are wrong for me, waist and inseam. Otherwise I would be all over it.
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