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Too bad they're not 36's. Very nice.
Ok, a couple price drops to perhaps get some interest.
Dang you killed me with those inseams on the Incotex. If they all were 34+, I'd have taken them all. Really dig those Don Drapers.
sorry for the redirect post, but I have a big ad with a few things that might be of interest to S&D: Adam sport coat cool Sutor loafer a BR suit for $60 rlpl half-zip
All prices are Shipped Priority in CONUS. If your out of the USA, pm me for a shipping price. I'm really motivated to move these. I have some purchases I want to fund. Canali suit: SOLD RLPL Fleece half-zip SOLD Sutor Mantellassi Loafers Sold Ferragamo derbies $50 >>$40 -size 10.5B. -Bought these new a few years ago, and they have been sitting in their trees and bags. Excellent condition. includes original dust bags. * 5 eyelet lace-up * black calf skin *...
Is that R&B coat wool or a raincoat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular APC, Tailorstore, vintage, Dockers, Converse, KuK, O&W/Breitling /M What are those Khaki's? Surely not dockers, they are really slim, I like that. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Also, those pics are awesome looking. Anyone have links for photo archives like that? Yeah, http://images.google.com/hosted/life. Thanks for the link, that archive is great. On another note, those pics are a good example of the small, nagging feeling I have when I look at my Chambray work shirt hanging in my closet. And that is: you freaking, yellow bellied sissy- sitting at a computer, in air condition for 8 hours a day!...
I want this, but in burghundy : http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Dark-brown anyone seen it in burghundy? Is it c&j?
I have the officer chino, it's slim but not skinny. Not as slim as my Incotex for example. Yes on my 36's , the waist measures a little over 37". Works for me with a belt and room to tuck a shirt in for the office. It's a great Chino. Give Farinelli's a shout and see if they have your size. They are awesome to work with and ship really fast.
New Posts  All Forums: