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Is that R&B coat wool or a raincoat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular APC, Tailorstore, vintage, Dockers, Converse, KuK, O&W/Breitling /M What are those Khaki's? Surely not dockers, they are really slim, I like that. Well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Also, those pics are awesome looking. Anyone have links for photo archives like that? Yeah, Thanks for the link, that archive is great. On another note, those pics are a good example of the small, nagging feeling I have when I look at my Chambray work shirt hanging in my closet. And that is: you freaking, yellow bellied sissy- sitting at a computer, in air condition for 8 hours a day!...
I want this, but in burghundy : anyone seen it in burghundy? Is it c&j?
I have the officer chino, it's slim but not skinny. Not as slim as my Incotex for example. Yes on my 36's , the waist measures a little over 37". Works for me with a belt and room to tuck a shirt in for the office. It's a great Chino. Give Farinelli's a shout and see if they have your size. They are awesome to work with and ship really fast.
Is 15, all cotton or a linen/ cotton?
That's it for me for the summer, or at least the month. My wife made me admit I have a problem. That's the first step.
Got my rrl chambray today, and it's great. Awesome shirt. And, thanks for the quick shipment sunman.
I am anxiously awaiting the WvG shirts. XXL's for me!
Have been casually looking for the same thing. I picked these up at Gilt yesterday they look like a nice slim fit, have a little mire cas look with the 5 pockets. Should get them next week, I hope they are a good fit. I'll let you know.
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