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Thanks. Although, I already did my soak. I should still be able to get it off though.
Does anyone remove the big Levi's patch, that's across the belt area. It seems huge to me, so I thought about removing it. Would I try it with a seam ripper, or what's the best way?
Anyone know how to get free shipping also? Stack another code or something? Shipping is 15, for my order, cuts into my savings.
Sleeve measurements pleeze.
Dude, seriously, consolidate these adds. You posted them back to back.
I've heard of it and am curious, but have not been. They now have some products on the site, hard to tell much about them. Suits fit like sacks though, not very trim. Hope to drop by sometime and check it out.
More 36's please!
Is the 28" sleeve length with the French cuff folded? As if someone were wearing it. Hope that question makes sense.
Linn Majik integrated Meridian 200 transport Meridian 263 dAC Home made cables
Kiya, your store Self Edge, looks awesome. Perhaps I'll just wait until the next time I go to SF and check out your store. I know very little about denim and could definitely use some wise council.
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