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So, the Zonkey Boot is a 10E UK? If so, would you say that is about an 11USd? Thanks in advance.
That's a great color. I love how it has a tinge of olive in it.
Now at $525 I would be interested in trade or partial trades for Edward Greens, John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, St. Crispin's, Alfred Sargent etc., in 10.5D US equivalent.
Thanks for posting the pics. I had seen this one myself. Could you tell me about the comfort? All the reviews say "firm" and kinda rate in the middle on comfort. I don't necessarily think soft = comfortable, but I don't want my butt falling asleep either. What are your thoughts on it's comfort?Thanks in advance !
drop to $550!
Thanks for the info jreigen. Could you also tell me how those Cleverley Navy dub monks fit? Thanks again sir.
More pics available if needed. Again, these are new and unworn in the box with the Alden dust bags. Don't make me consider semi-trades for Edward Greens or St. Crispin's
New in the Box, Alden's famous 975 Burgundy #8 Shell Cordovan longings. This is the iconic shoe that probably needs no introduction on this forum. I have been wanting these for 5 years and finally grabbed them, in fact I ended up with two identical pair, which is why I'm selling this pair. These are from Jcrew, bought new and never worn. Box and Alden dust bags included. Letting those go for $575. Please add $10 for shipping/insurance/paypal as well. I have been on the...
Hey Mike, I was super stoked to nab the Driggs in Carmel Duck Canvas, but I don't know why I didn't realize this before, the inseam is 33" on the Driggs (+1" to let out). I gots me some daddy long legs. So, is it possible to MTO the Driggs Caramel Ducks in a 34" with a 35.5" inseam? If so I want to go that route so I can at least get a short cuff. If not, I may try the stock ones and see where they land on me. As always, thanks a lot, man. *ps Saw the Washed denim shirt...
What is the fabric on this? Thx in advance.
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