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looking forward
^^^ very nice Kent!
All prices are Shipped Priority in CONUS. If your out of the USA, pm me for a shipping price. I'm really motivated to move these. I have some purchases I want to fund. Thought the SW&D crew might have some interest. These are super bargains at this price. Both shoes are very versatile, great with Denim or Suits. Sutor Mantellassi Loafers Sold Ferragamo derbies $50 >>$40 -size 10.5B. -Bought these new a few years ago, and they have been sitting in their trees and...
drops. Sutors now $55 Ferragamo's now $40 Open to trades as well...
would you say that the trousers are 'wearable' with the hole? or would it need to be repaired before wearing. In other words, would it be noticeable to someone behind you? thanks
Just checking into the current stock of the shirts at this time. Personally, interested in what's available in 16.5? Is the white with blue stripes still around, the one Jason is wearing in the beginning of this thread? thanks.
I wanted drop some props on Jason and Thick as Thieves. I met with him about a month ago for measurements and to discuss some options and fabrics for my first TaT suit. Yes, it is very hard to decide on one. Jason was an absolute pleasure to work with and not to mention just an all around cool guy. He is very knowledgeable, as I picked up some great advice while chatting with him. I can't believe people go shopping all day at department stores all over their...
Quote: Originally Posted by b99flick Wear pictures (soles, heels, etc) or are they literally new and have just been sitting in the closet since purchase? Also, how narrow is the SF narrow? I normally fit between a 10 and 10.5, so a 10.5B may work(?)... Thanks -B additional pics of the Ferraggamo's added. It's a little narrower than a D yes, but for a 10 it should not be too bad. Possibly more like a regular width shoe on a narrow last....
Drop to $60. This is a great sportcoat at that price.
Items updated. This is a shoes only post now: Ferragammo's reduced to: $45 for quick sale.
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