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I've had a lot of requests for measurements on the RLPL Fleece Half-Zip. I put them in the original post, and here they are as well: RLPL Half-Zip measurements: shoulder: 18.5 p2p: 22.5 sleeve: 27
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt really cool jacket. measurements seem pretty small for a 42. is that more like a 38 or 40? Yes, it is a really cool jacket. I love the functional cuffs, and the herringbone pattern is really cool. It's just a slim cut 42, the chest measure right about 42", while non-slim cut 42 might measure about 44. I would think someone in the 38-42 range could wear it depending on how fitted they prefer. I'm a 42 chest...
Adam Lippes Sport Coat $60 Includes shipping to CONUS. tagged 42 1 button WORKING/FUNCTIONALl BUTTON CUFFS single vent brown light herringbone, cool fabric. Looks great with denim. I wish the shoulders fit me, I would keep it. slim lapels 68% wool, 30% poly, 2% elastane Made in USA retails for around $300 measurements: shoulder: 19 P2P: 21 sleeve: 27.5 length: 29 lapel: 2 *price as shipped usps priority to conus. International, pm me.
Canali sold. Sutor Mantellassi's now $80.
Sutor loafer's are now: $90 RLPL fleece is now: $70
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi i have that navy RLPL fleece. didn't know fleece could feel so good... Yea, the rlpl fleece is amazing. It's a little too small for me in the sleeves, so I was bummed. That's why I'm offering I up here. Can't believe I haven't sold it yet, those fleeces went like hotcakes When someone had a bunch of them a few months ago.
Too bad they're not 36's. Very nice.
Ok, a couple price drops to perhaps get some interest.
Dang you killed me with those inseams on the Incotex. If they all were 34+, I'd have taken them all. Really dig those Don Drapers.
sorry for the redirect post, but I have a big ad with a few things that might be of interest to S&D: Adam sport coat cool Sutor loafer a BR suit for $60 rlpl half-zip
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