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Oh, if only a 52 in that navy Boglioli. Pm me if you end up with one....
I saw the line at Haberdash in Chicago. It is amazing stuff and really nails the kind of things I'm usually looking for. The shirts all fit me very well: I'm tall and long arms. I loved the real deal Italian tall collars for sure. Phillip, who I work with at Haberdash, he's a great guy, handed me the long sleeve polo to try on, and I almost didn't even try it. I had no interest in a long sleeve polo shirt. I ended up buying it: It's an incredible shirt. The cut of the...
I'm dropping in Haberdash in Chicago this weekend to, at last, check out the Eidos stuff. Pretty excited to see everything in the flesh....err....fabric. Question: Does Bloomingdales in Chicago carry any Eidos yet? Thanks in advance!
Could you tell me how the fit is on these?
and Sold. Thanks all
Gorgeous! I've started looking for my first pair of EG. What leather is that?Hey, I know you from i-gram!jpo(deviant_saint)
So, the Zonkey Boot is a 10E UK? If so, would you say that is about an 11USd? Thanks in advance.
That's a great color. I love how it has a tinge of olive in it.
Now at $525 I would be interested in trade or partial trades for Edward Greens, John Lobb, Gaziano & Girling, St. Crispin's, Alfred Sargent etc., in 10.5D US equivalent.
Thanks for posting the pics. I had seen this one myself. Could you tell me about the comfort? All the reviews say "firm" and kinda rate in the middle on comfort. I don't necessarily think soft = comfortable, but I don't want my butt falling asleep either. What are your thoughts on it's comfort?Thanks in advance !
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