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This gent is in at $575.
Scuola Del Cuoio, is the bomb. I have been there, had a leather, racer style jacket made. It's incredible quality. They train apprentices that go to work for the big guns of leather: Hermes, LV, etc. This jacket looks great, alas not my size, but makes me want to looks for one when I'm in Firenze, later this month. That's a steal for someone. Good luck.
Measurements on the size 40 please? I Am quite interested.
Ahh, I see. Yes, I understand what you are going for. Gotcha one photo does not a fit make It is always a game of compromises. I have very long arms, so I'm always making compromises to come to something passable off the rack. I have a couple 50R Eidos summer jackets, but wanted to consider a 52R to give me a little more room for sweaters and such in the winter. The 50 fits me well with just a light shirt underneath, but I was concerned if I got a 50r for the winter it...
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Are these still available?
Any ideas to who may stick the Ashley loafer? Pretty interested in it but can't seem to find anyone with it. Thanks gents 🙏
So, are these 10UK and 10.5 US?
Well, so far so good: I grabbed the brown/blue guncheck from Bloomingdales NYC last week over the phone. To my delight the 40R is a fantastic fit on me, mostly due to the unfinished sleeves, thank god, as I have long arms and it's usually a deal breaker when they are functional sleeves off the peg. Other than the packing engineers being stoned and leaving the security tag on the jacket, which turned into an issue, all else went well. I was waiting until my next NYC trip...
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