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I just sold myself on the Brown silk sport coat: is anyone else stocking it??? As NMWA is out of stock. I'm looking for a 52.
How does the 10uk fit?
What size is it tagged? Thanks in advance. I dig it.
Could you explain a bit more about the flaps not lined up?
How much wear are on these?
A happy new year to you and the family MIke! Any update on the Pre-Ordered Driggs Tactical pant? I am quite excited @Epaulet
This gent is in at $575.
Scuola Del Cuoio, is the bomb. I have been there, had a leather, racer style jacket made. It's incredible quality. They train apprentices that go to work for the big guns of leather: Hermes, LV, etc. This jacket looks great, alas not my size, but makes me want to looks for one when I'm in Firenze, later this month. That's a steal for someone. Good luck.
Measurements on the size 40 please? I Am quite interested.
Ahh, I see. Yes, I understand what you are going for. Gotcha one photo does not a fit make It is always a game of compromises. I have very long arms, so I'm always making compromises to come to something passable off the rack. I have a couple 50R Eidos summer jackets, but wanted to consider a 52R to give me a little more room for sweaters and such in the winter. The 50 fits me well with just a light shirt underneath, but I was concerned if I got a 50r for the winter it...
New Posts  All Forums: