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Anyone in Chicago, that can confirm if the collection is still in stores? I heard State st. was a better bet than Michigan, if that's true. i was swamped with the holidays and still haven't made it, hoping for a trip this weekend. Thanks in advance.
Merry Chrstmas to me, SF with an iOS format!! Made my month gentleman. Many thanks to all who got this done.
I was really giving this camel coat the eyeball. Glad to hear it seemed of decent quality, considering. A camel coat, without breaking the bank, was on my list this winter. Sounds like Chicago has a decent chance of having it in stock; hope I can make it up there soon, as my Indianapolis H&M aren't cool enough to get the exclusive stuff.Can anyone comment on the fit of this coat?
How much material is there to let the sleeves let out?
Very nice. Looks like I need a 40 if you any other Canali's in 40 let me know.
How much length can the sleeve let out?
Anyone have shoe care, polish recomendations for the Epaulet loafers(below) in Chromexcel? I did a neutral polish after a cleaning and they came out much darker. It lost the subtle matte original look. Was hoping someone might have some idea of how to do a little proper shoe care too keep the same nice look of the leather.
Quite tempting...
Could you tell me how much fabric there is to let the sleeve out please? Thx in advance
Interested in the chambray shirt. Can you tell me if the sleeves have shrunk any from washing drying? A sleeve measurement if you have it would help. Those shirts are just barely long enough in the sleeves for my long arms. Thanks!
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