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Very nice.
Thanks. How about shipping to US?
Saddleback leather for more of the rugged artisanal hand made thing. Patinas into a beautiful dark brown after a few months, which people really get a kick out of.
What is the actual waist and inseam measurements please?
Anyone in Chicago, that can confirm if the collection is still in stores? I heard State st. was a better bet than Michigan, if that's true. i was swamped with the holidays and still haven't made it, hoping for a trip this weekend. Thanks in advance.
Merry Chrstmas to me, SF with an iOS format!! Made my month gentleman. Many thanks to all who got this done.
I was really giving this camel coat the eyeball. Glad to hear it seemed of decent quality, considering. A camel coat, without breaking the bank, was on my list this winter. Sounds like Chicago has a decent chance of having it in stock; hope I can make it up there soon, as my Indianapolis H&M aren't cool enough to get the exclusive stuff.Can anyone comment on the fit of this coat?
How much material is there to let the sleeves let out?
Very nice. Looks like I need a 40 if you any other Canali's in 40 let me know.
How much length can the sleeve let out?
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