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Could you please remind me if the waists can be let out an inch on Incotex? I'm a skinny legged 35 and was wondering if letting out the 34s is an option.
Can I get a sleeve length, please?
Sorry for the chic related post, but i need help with a recommendation. My girlfriends Prada heels (cork heel bed) were chewed on by her dog and I need to find a cobbler to repair them. I was planning on shipping them to whoever would do good work. Unfortunately the best local guy is a total flake and can't be relying on. Thanks in advance everyone!
A very fine suit, man.
Nice coat. I'm trying to justify needing it.
Gant Michael Bastian Navy Herringbone Sport Coat (NWOT, current season) 38R
I've been really impressed with Aberfeldy 12 year. It's right at $40 here in Indianapolis. However, when I was in DC last month I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm not sure if it's easy to find.
Great stuff once again sir. Drooling over those Italian works of art!
Now dropped to $325.
Price drop, now to $350.
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