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I'll throw my 2 pennies out there as I've been looking at 2012 Gti's and I'm about to pull the trigger on one. I'm coming from an 02 bmw 325i and I love the Gti. I was concerned for a minute about the boy racer image, but I think that was just a quick worry when I actually realized I wanted to buy one. It is a very well built, solid and refined car. This is coming from the perspective of a bmw 325i as my current car. It handles quite impressively as I have rear wheel drive...
pm sent
Price Drop to $375.
How do those Ferragamos fit, please?
NWOT Gant by M. Bastian blue donegal herringbone sport coat. Incredible blue/navy donegal herringbone wool from the Robert Noble mill cut in a single breasted jacket fully lined in a blue/white striped shirting. Super soft shoulder, 2 button notch lapel, hip flap pockets, barchetta breast pocket, side vents, horn buttons, working button holes, navy moleskin elbows and red moleskin undercollar. Made in Portugal. I picked this up from the excellent seller NickPollica and...
Oh dear. Those are exactly my size. On my way to the plasma center now.......
How slim would you say those Boule's are? Thx.
I want. those Brixton Ravello's. Outstanding.
Price on the 2 pair left? Is that $100 per pair? thanks
I'm very interested in the upcoming sportcoats! How much can the sleeves be let out, please? I always need some extra fabric to lengthen te sleeves, it's a make or break for my long arms. Thanks in advance!
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