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Price on the 2 pair left? Is that $100 per pair? thanks
I'm very interested in the upcoming sportcoats! How much can the sleeves be let out, please? I always need some extra fabric to lengthen te sleeves, it's a make or break for my long arms. Thanks in advance!
Interesting. A couple questions; What kind of sole is that? How narrow are they? A little or a lot? thanks
Damn the too-short sleeves on those Ashland shirts. Arrgg.
I'm getting a tingling sensation that the best double monks of the year are about to drop.
I'm totally digging my first Epaulet shirt, the Navy Pin-dot! Sorry you mediums, I nabbed the last one. First time wearing it today and I received several compliments. Bear in mind that I wear custom made shirts a couple times a week, which says a lot about how fantastic the shirt is. It has been nothing short of a total pleasure buying 3 Epaulet trousers and a shirt all in the last few weeks. I'm hooked and it looks like you just keep the hits coming! Great job Mike...
Hey Mike, Any restocks of: -purple gingham flannel (medium) -brown chromexal single prong belt (34 ish) Thank you!
Mike, any chance of getting Officers Indy Boot in size 10? Thanks!
Hey I appreciate the mention of picking them up if they had them in brown. I actually called Neimans and there are no brown 10.5's in an last call or Neimans stores, only black suede. The rep said you were very lucky to find them! So, alas, my search for a sleek brown dub monk that won't break the bank continues....
Any restock of sizes in the Brown Chromexcel Single Prong Belt? I think I need a 34. Also any size restocks of Purple Gingham Flannel? Need a M. thanks!
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