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Well done!Which trousers are these?
I did not realize an appointment was needed. Thanks for the heads up! Email sent.
I will be in NYC this weekend and really looking forward to my first visit to the store! I've been a long time Eidos customer but can't wait to see all the great stuff you guys are carrying. See ya soon!
Ha! thanks for the kind offer mate 👌
My last Eidos Sportcoat pickup (not counting the myriad of shirts and knits). The hemp hopsack Tenero I grabbed from @mossrockss. Currently, I want a heavy weight winter SC in a blue and will be looking for one in NYC. If you can see, I could use a tick of length in the body, and of course the arm, which I need to let out a bit. So, I'm curious to try some 52L while in NYC. What do you guys think? Try a Long?
I'm headed to NYC tomorrow for the weekend and was planning on hitting the Armoury and checking out RIng Jacket. But, I need a suit/jacket in a winter blue, already have the grey covered. It does look amazing.
Well thanks for the heads up, as my 3 days in NYC, time is of the essence. @bry2000 @Ambulance Chaser Epaulet is on my list. I've been buying from them for years. Very excited to actually see the shop. Good points on CSC and Armoury. I will get to the Armoury for sure, very close to my hotel in SOHO and I would like to check out Ring Jacket. I would guess that Bloomingdale's is going to have the killer pricing but I know they only have the one cut in Eidos tailoring,...
@Epaulet Mike, I'm in NYC this thursday-Saturday. I'm stoked about finally seeing the shop for the first time. I want to get in on the Gables and give them a whirl. They are totally made to rock with my Eidos stuff. Which store should I hit and are you going to be at either one this weekend? I would like to pop in and say hi if you're there!
I'm finally making it to NYC Thursday afternoon for a solo trip. I was planning on getting my Eidos fix at: Bloomingdales 59th, I have bought tons from Marc over the phone. WIll be cool to go in the store and meet him. NMWA - I have not tried their cut, so pretty stoked about being able to try on their cuts in Eidos and everything else in that place Sample sale - I just learned that the Sample sale is going through Friday at Noon. I am hoping there will still be something...
Hey MossRockss, I've seem your posts on here and IG of that hemp jacket: best pics on the webs of it! Have the sleeves been shortened at all? Is there fabric in the sleeve to let out? Thanks in advance. What jacket do you have your eye on?
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