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Has the jacket been altered in any way? Any additional fabric underneath for letting the sleeve out? Thanks in advance, J
The business side of the EG Shanklins in Mushroom, from Leffot. This is my default travel shoe. So comfortable, light and easy to pack.
Ah, thanks...I thought I missed out on an Eidos trouser:satisfied:
Well done!Which trousers are these?
I did not realize an appointment was needed. Thanks for the heads up! Email sent.
I will be in NYC this weekend and really looking forward to my first visit to the store! I've been a long time Eidos customer but can't wait to see all the great stuff you guys are carrying. See ya soon!
Ha! thanks for the kind offer mate 👌
My last Eidos Sportcoat pickup (not counting the myriad of shirts and knits). The hemp hopsack Tenero I grabbed from @mossrockss. Currently, I want a heavy weight winter SC in a blue and will be looking for one in NYC. If you can see, I could use a tick of length in the body, and of course the arm, which I need to let out a bit. So, I'm curious to try some 52L while in NYC. What do you guys think? Try a Long?
I'm headed to NYC tomorrow for the weekend and was planning on hitting the Armoury and checking out RIng Jacket. But, I need a suit/jacket in a winter blue, already have the grey covered. It does look amazing.
Well thanks for the heads up, as my 3 days in NYC, time is of the essence. @bry2000 @Ambulance Chaser Epaulet is on my list. I've been buying from them for years. Very excited to actually see the shop. Good points on CSC and Armoury. I will get to the Armoury for sure, very close to my hotel in SOHO and I would like to check out Ring Jacket. I would guess that Bloomingdale's is going to have the killer pricing but I know they only have the one cut in Eidos tailoring,...
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