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Ditto +1 etc etc and all that.
Any advice on sizing for the drawstrings? Tts to waist size?
Amazing collar. Can't wait to get my hands on one!Ditto I need a 41 in it as well! @Chas Knight can you hook me up?
My first Dover, and it has blown me away. In tobacco suede on the R1 sole. I never got excited about the Dover in the past. Honestly I think this awesome suede made me take a good look and consider it. Now that I've had them and put some miles on them I must say it is holding a top spot in my shoe wardrobe. I absolutely love them.
Order sent. !!!
Has the jacket been altered in any way? Any additional fabric underneath for letting the sleeve out? Thanks in advance, J
The business side of the EG Shanklins in Mushroom, from Leffot. This is my default travel shoe. So comfortable, light and easy to pack.
Ah, thanks...I thought I missed out on an Eidos trouser:satisfied:
Well done!Which trousers are these?
I did not realize an appointment was needed. Thanks for the heads up! Email sent.
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