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@ccallisCould you please give us an update of all the collars that currently have been upgraded to the stiffer collar band?*I'm hoping the soft collars have the stiffer collar band upgrade as well!Thank you in advance.
Grazie, Antonio. I remember the posts about the button stance mess, so that explains it. Yea my tailor does button holes, so that wouldn't be a problem. Trying to decide on 1 Agusto: I want like the most casual to go more non-tailored in my rotation. So far in 52 my options are: the grey burgundy above that Q is wearing (totally gorgeous) and the navy light check at Unionmade and the navy pinstripes cotton at Barneys and By George. Thoughts on which can be worn in the most...
On the Saks site, is this an Augusto?
@UrbanComposition Again, fantastic and informative thread, molto props my man I understand the time involved for doing a jacket/suit and several fittings is longer than I have in Sicliy. However, would you think that Sig Arrigo would be able to do Trousers in a couple days? I understand trousers to be much simpler than a jacket, of course. I am going to be in Toarmina and staying in Linguaglossa for about 4-5 days and am wondering if that would be enough time for a...
I think Haberdash sold this, if I remember correctly. I tried it on at one time and loved it. Went back and my size was gone.
Ditto +1 etc etc and all that.
Any advice on sizing for the drawstrings? Tts to waist size?
Amazing collar. Can't wait to get my hands on one!Ditto I need a 41 in it as well! @Chas Knight can you hook me up?
My first Dover, and it has blown me away. In tobacco suede on the R1 sole. I never got excited about the Dover in the past. Honestly I think this awesome suede made me take a good look and consider it. Now that I've had them and put some miles on them I must say it is holding a top spot in my shoe wardrobe. I absolutely love them.
Order sent. !!!
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