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Hey MossRockss, I've seem your posts on here and IG of that hemp jacket: best pics on the webs of it! Have the sleeves been shortened at all? Is there fabric in the sleeve to let out? Thanks in advance. What jacket do you have your eye on?
Yes, killer collection and styling. I really love the casual tailoring. This has made me rethink some summer outfits for sure and look really forward to next summer with a few of those pieces. Well done Antonio!!
@Leaves No worries....thanks for the update.
@sacafotos Yes, pre-ordered in November.
Curious, Leaves, does that shipment from EG include the Gallway Pre-orders? I am excited to receive those
I just sold myself on the Brown silk sport coat: is anyone else stocking it??? As NMWA is out of stock. I'm looking for a 52.
How does the 10uk fit?
What size is it tagged? Thanks in advance. I dig it.
Could you explain a bit more about the flaps not lined up?
How much wear are on these?
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