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my chest size is 35.5", im 5'7" and 132lbs. The arms of the size Small seem pretty long though
Is it recommend to size up in the wool Andover jackets? Normally a size XS but p2p seems so small...
lmk if u reconsider selling intl; interested in blackwatch and shadow dot
5'7" 130lbs 35.5" bare chest; looking to purchase my first Herning knit; should i go for a size small in the Stark and/or Apex sweater (latest season)?
the specs sound great but I really don't dig the swing last; they would have looked killer with a standard last imo
I want to buy the Real Mccoy's or Buzz Rickson peacoat in size 36; let me know if you have one and are selling/trading it
FS: Buzz Rickson N-1 deck jacket; size 36 (small); jungle cloth shell and 100% alpaca lining in great condition asking price is 350$ excluding shipping measurements: pit to pit: 20" shoulders: 17" sleeves: 23" length: 25.25" also willing to trade for a size 38
any international jcrew buyer know what the 'duty-free shopping' is all about? Does it mean I won't get stung by customs?
anyone selling a Manitoba or Calgary in size XS?
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