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FS: Buzz Rickson N-1 deck jacket; size 36 (small); jungle cloth shell and 100% alpaca lining in great condition asking price is 350$ excluding shipping measurements: pit to pit: 20" shoulders: 17" sleeves: 23" length: 25.25" also willing to trade for a size 38
any international jcrew buyer know what the 'duty-free shopping' is all about? Does it mean I won't get stung by customs?
anyone selling a Manitoba or Calgary in size XS?
my apologies for the sizing question but if i wear size 8D in alden barrie/trubalance and size 7.5 in Red wings, which would be the size to get in the 1K?
are there any peacoats that fit more modern (slim in the body and with trim sleeves) and cost nomore than 200-300$? oh and it needs to have the actual military peacoat characteristics (naval buttons, side pockets, nothing fancy) any opinions on the Schott peacoat 740N or its slim-fit model? I tried on a denim&supply pcoat which fit really well also...
i see most shops advising to size down a whole size from your actual shoe size (same as your UK size). for example i'm a size 8.5US, i wear size 8 in Alden barrie but will probably need size 7.5 in Viberg
i could size down more even in my semi dress; i wear size 8D in Barrie/Trubalanc e but 8C in semi dress. Nevertheless I own a pair of Indy's in size 8C as well which i can wear although they are a bit tight
"A commando sole would be a deal breaker unless it was a mini lug recessed and hidden from side view" This! Especially the commando heel will not work with this kind of boot so it will need to be another kind of rubber heel or the exact make as pictures, that would work for me too
im interested in well; if commando sole, i think a half sole will work best
is it necessary to size down in the Schott 740; measurements for a 36 seem large
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