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can anyone comment on the brown oil tan leather? Does it 'age' well?
For sale: brand new with tags MISTER FREEDOM INDIGO CALICO RANCHERO SHIRT size medium Looking to get what I paid for it: 250$ 240$ INCLUDING WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!! this shirt retails for 400$ info from Mr Freedom site “Indigo Calico”: 100% cotton selvedge popeline, indigo dyed, with a discharge and a ‘madder’ red tiny print. DETAILS: * ‘Old West’ type silhouette. * Full button front. * Double button collar closure. * Original MF® box pleat single chest pocket and ‘cut...
still looking for a pair of service boots last 2030 in size 7.5 or 8... almost tried for the black oiled ones but black boots aren't my thing and there were no any other boots in my size this round
if anyone is selling his pair of service boots or engineers in size 7.5 or 8 pls pm me; missed out every time
those are absolutely lovely; good pick up sklark & sleepy
we seem to have the same taste; I just emailed them about a custom built like that with the juniper leather.almost pulled the trigger on #72 as well but I decided I'd better spend more to get exactly what I want
will the new thread be made at the moment of posting the new boots or will it be available before? I don't want to miss out again this time because I can't locate the new thread
when exactly will be round three?
pls lmk if they dont fit you sleepy cheers
did #44 and 35 go to someone on the board here? I emailed before pictures were up but they were already gone. I don't hold too much hope for acquiring a pair in the next round
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