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it's a number combination 253
thanks cpress, that color looks very appealing; very different from the service boot posted earlier which was a lot more pronounced in the green color range
wow, looking great guys; cant wait to get my pair (will probably take a week or two since its international and customs) the cxl mocha looks darker than some other pairs I've seen before (me likey)
cpress, any chance you could try to take some pictures of your pair?
No love for loden green srrvice boot? I think it looks great
interested as well in those
measurements as follows: shoulders 16" p2p 19.25" length back 27.5" sleeves 24.5"
$ Lofgren Ashida shirt - size small - brand new with tags Made in Japan; nolonger available 170$ 150$ excluding shipping (I ship from Belgium)
Liking the 2040 last more and more from that picture
my proposal for next boot (eligible for raffle) Style: Service Boot Leather: smooth brown oil tan Last: 2040 partial deconstructed toe Toe cap: brogued Sole: natural edge single leather with vibram 705 halfsole/heel Hardware: 7 eyelets in gun metal Tongue: black Stitching: brown
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