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Tell me more about this one pls; sounds very appealing
for sale: Sunny Sports grey organic chambray shirt - size 36 organic cotton dipped in ink giving the shirt a characteristic grey/black hue. triple stitched hidden front buttons purple stitching on the inside made in Japan used but in great condition asking price is 120$ excluding shipping (I ship from Belgium)
Buzz Rickson USN chambray - size 14/14,5 (corresponds with US XS or 36) Great quality reproduction of a US Navy WWII chambray shirt by the Japanese company Buzz Rickson. Used but in great condition Asking price is 70$ excluding shipping (I ship from Belgium)
okay, I've been on the hunt for a peacoat for a couple of years now; I bought a pre WWII vintage peacoat last year but the fit was totally off. Although I am usually a purist and go for the exact reproductions of military garments, I decided to change course and go for a jacket made by the Japanese Americana company Pherrows. Its their take on the 1913 (13 star button) peacoat. It is a modern fitted coat with most details intact aside from the fact that it is black instead...
Barns grey sweatshirt - loopwheeled - size small - suitable for size 36-38 - 60$ 50$ excluding shipping used but in good condition - original tag included
is there any dark brown leather offered similar to the brown dress leather from White's? I'd love a service boot in that shade of color
it's a number combination 253
thanks cpress, that color looks very appealing; very different from the service boot posted earlier which was a lot more pronounced in the green color range
wow, looking great guys; cant wait to get my pair (will probably take a week or two since its international and customs) the cxl mocha looks darker than some other pairs I've seen before (me likey)
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