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For sale: Devis D00XX 2013 denim - made in Japan - based on the 1946 501XX Dead Stock selvage jeans. Made for the Superfuture contest, it is a custom order from Okayama Denim Mill in Japan. It is an exact make of the original denim used in the 46 model with the exception that it is produced in Japan. 'The fit is of a more relaxed fit and much looser. We have also decided to add in a little twist to the model number on the leather patch. And yes the patch will be leather...
For sale: Workers K&TH - pullover shirt - black chambray with white stripes - size 15.5 (corresponds with big 36/small 38) - great condition asking price: 90$ excluding shipping
For sale: Levis Vintage shirt - striped chambray - pullover model - Sunset tag - size small - great condition asking price: 90$ excluding shipping
White's boots Semi Dress - size 8C (fits same as size 8D in Alden Barrie/Trubalance last) leather: all dress brown standard stitch and standard heel antique eyelets and speedhooks brown leather midsole and vibram half sole used a couple of times; aside from some wear around the heels and front soles, in great condition price: 300$ 350$ excluding shipping
Correct, most boots are considered as 6" boots (height of boot).
any chance there will be restock for the dark brown calf service boots? Would Brett consider doing a 8" version of the service boot in 2040/2030 last?
Argh, cant believe my size is already out of that brown calfskin. Its the color im after. Anyone down for service boot in this leather with vibram half soles, 2040 last? I wonder if viberg can do a service boot in 8"?
Its calf so my guess would be no. Are there any pictures of the dark brown calf leather? Would be down if brogued captoe
thanks; jacket was 42000 yen or about 420$
For sale: Rising Sun machinist cap in navy duck - size small/medium asking price: 40$ excluding shipping
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