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you could try asking these guys http://ooe-yofukuten.com/index.html
My Alden boots (top right and bottom row)
I don't see anything wrong with them; GT's have a rather bulbous toe so that won't change when sizing down a half size. Whats more important is how do they walk? If they feel uncomfortable better trade them in for your right size
2nd price drop
is the military last exclusive to Japan?
price drop
I have the following items for sale (see next post for interest check) some general info - I have done some deals already on SuFu and have a 100% positive feedback on ebay (over 580 feedbacks) - prices are WITHOUT shipping (actual shipping is calculated when requested) I ship from Belgium - Europe - payments with paypal gift payment or add 4% for paypal fees - feel free to ask or make offers (more chance for deals if you buy more items) on to the actual...
Quote: Originally Posted by pervert_cat I have 800$ put aside for a pea coat but i can`t really find one that I would find worth dropping 800 on, does anyone in here have a suggestion get the Buzz Rickson or Real McCoys peacoat; they are worth the $$$
ROY and Sunny Sports, nice additions to the store line up Kiya!
well, seems i'm not the only one to suffer from the excessive wear problem with the crepe soles models. I own a pair of Roy boots and although i've only worn them only a couple of days (not consecutive days) i've noticed some disproportionate wear on the tip of the leather part where it meets the crepe soles. Perhaps it's about the way i walk? In any case I would definitely not recommend these crepe soled models for rainy days as i seem to slip constantly on all kinds of...
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