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measurements of EG jacket pls
they are made by Warehouse, enuff said
absolutely no international shipping?
Odin does ship to the EU, send them a email. (i know they charge 30$ shipping for a shirt)
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp I probably won't ever buy a black indy but those black and tans look very nice. I just caved in and ordered the Roy boot from Context. I went back and forth for a while and had a hard time getting anyone who owns the boot to post their pics. WTF? I wanted to see how they wear with normal wear--not just the infamous 'beaten to hell for 30 days straight' pics that always come up on internet searches. It's hard to lay...
unfortunately not, only the the Sugarcane x mr freedom version comes without the back stencil but they are mostly OOS
i wanted to pick up the plaid flannel shirt size XS from Odin but 50$ shipping to Belgium for a shirt is a bit steep imo
Quote: Originally Posted by givemefive I've been looking for black high tops on sale for ages. I refuse to pay $40+tax for a piece of shit shoe like the chuck taylor. The soles start peeling after only a few wears. They are worth about $20 I think. Doesn't mean I don't want them. I just think 39.99 is steep. ha, in Belgium they usually retail for 60 euro!
Quote: Originally Posted by WatchGuy The Lineup (sorry for the crappy pic): Tanker, Cigar 8 Shell, LSH Ultimate Indy beautiful collection; really want to see some close ups of the cigar indys
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