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Tom, you are killing me! I really want a black boot from Alden with natural trim edges (even suggested as a make-up a few months ago ) I guess you won't be making that boot in a black calf leather I suppose?
are those the Roy boots?
actual waist size of the samurai chinos pls and maybe a dumb question but can these still stretch by wear?
too bad its not a size 8
I have that black chambray (which is in fact grey); quality & construction is amazing edit; I just remembered I have some detailed pictures online
just checked the pictures myself on rakuten and I have to say I'm really digging that bomber down jacket. What would be the estimated price if special ordered? 200-400$ range?
So what is recommended for sizing the plaid works shirt ? Im usually an XS in EG shirts; should I stay with the same size or size up because they do seem to run smaller...on the other hand they stretch?
pricedrop to 250$ shipped worlwide
lovely collection indeed
roy boots are looking purdy! I want my next purchase to be either PTB's in tan roughout leather or (if i ever get enough $) pair of cigar shell cordovans (anything planned like these Tom?)
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