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For sale: Engineered Garments works shirt blue/red open weave plaid size XS; only worn a couple of times and in perfect condition; asking 150$ shipped internationally (paypal gift payment) pics http://item.rakuten.co.jp/ugp-ndc/eg-m100/
last pricedrop 210$shipped internationally
pricedrop: 220$ shipped internationally
price reduction; 230$ shipped internationally, don't sleep!
will you be receiving more copies of the Rin Tanaka King of Vintage book?
Beautiful Buzz Rickson 100% wool CPO shirt; amazing anchor buttons, one front pocket, navy color; size 36 (small); only worn twice. Sold out online! asking price 210$ including worldwide shipping (with paypal gift payment) measurements: shoulders: 41.5 cm p2p: 50.5 cm length: 68 cm sleeves: 62.5 cm click for detailed pictures
Tom, you are killing me! I really want a black boot from Alden with natural trim edges (even suggested as a make-up a few months ago ) I guess you won't be making that boot in a black calf leather I suppose?
are those the Roy boots?
actual waist size of the samurai chinos pls and maybe a dumb question but can these still stretch by wear?
too bad its not a size 8
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