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added baracuta jacket
price drops on everything and Trckers sold!
this is still IMO the ultimate cigar shell rugged boot; i would only change the all eyelets to speedhooks. Commando soles are practical but the heels of the commando sole are not very appealing imo
Quote: Originally Posted by CHRK33 Maybe the solution is to do a plain cap in ravello and a perforated cap/Jumper boot in cigar...would that help? I'd definitely go for the cigar jumper with perforated cap toe instead of the ravello plain toe barrie last preferably
really looking for a pair in cigar shell since i don't own it yet and consider it the best looking shell; perhaps i'd go with hooks but other than that , boots in picture look perfect imo
no interest in this one? looks amazing
just filled in my options - antique edge trim - double oiled waterlock soles - 360° storm welt - perforated cap toe
pls put me in for Ravello cap toe and cigar cap toe (if barrie last)
interest here in the ravello cap toe boot (punched cap toe might even look better?) I would jump on the cigar cap toe also if it was on the Barrie last. anyhow, i'd probably have to use a proxy because most of those retailers will not mark down the value of the packages/sign as gift. It will become rather unaffordable for me if I have to pay an additional 25% taxes...
price drop on denim and trickers!
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