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interest here in the ravello cap toe boot (punched cap toe might even look better?) I would jump on the cigar cap toe also if it was on the Barrie last. anyhow, i'd probably have to use a proxy because most of those retailers will not mark down the value of the packages/sign as gift. It will become rather unaffordable for me if I have to pay an additional 25% taxes...
price drop on denim and trickers!
PRICE DROP 07/13 I have the following items for sale some general info - I have done some deals already on SuFu and have a 100% positive feedback on ebay (almost 600 feedbacks) - prices are WITHOUT shipping (actual shipping is calculated when requested) I ship from Belgium - Europe - feel free to ask or make offers (more chance for deals if you buy more items) on to the actual stuff - Duck Diggers DD108 'the secret' (Warehouse) 1920 reproduction of a...
it says sheep leather in the description
Quote: Originally Posted by trunks206 ^So nice. Another new member to the family.... Cigar Cap-toes with commando soles....I'm set for our wet weather. very nice, where do they sell those
can't edit the original post for some reason so here's a new addition - Nudies Regular Ralf size 30/34 - worn well during 8 months - still lots of life left but cuffs need to be repaired - SOLD
Roguls, GT's look better with a heel; might have my cobbler do the same to my pair. how much did you have to pay for the modification?
where can i buy those Skye boots?
another price drop!!!
interested in a size 28 as well...
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