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sorry Im out too; wingtips are not my style and im looking to buy a cigar or ravello boot. I will still gladly campaign for my runner-up/backup make though 10r95w7 by SLAB13, on Flickr
i have the black ones for sale size 8
I assume there must be pictures floating around of #4 but I cant seem to track them down immediately; isn't #4 quite red in color?
okay, ill kick off with a proposal to do the following makeup - cigar shell boot - antique edges - perforated cap toe - barrie or leydon last - speedhooks - commando soles or double leather - 360 or closed heel (I havent figured out myself yet in the end it would look rather similar to this one 10r95w7 by SLAB13, on Flickr
definitely interested in the MTO here are some other angles on the Modified last; I find the last extremely comfortable to my feet but the appearence rather dressy compared to my Barrie and TB boots Alden_Cap_Toe_Kidskin_003 by SLAB13, on Flickr Alden_Cap_Toe_Kidskin_002 by SLAB13, on Flickr Alden_Cap_Toe_Kidskin_001 by SLAB13, on Flickr
if anybody has the shoemart seconds list for size 8 and 8.5, pls pm me
Is it possible to get in the pre-order if from outside the USA?
depending on how this plays out, I might want in on this pre)order as well
argh, why no size 28
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