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Is it possible to get in the pre-order if from outside the USA?
depending on how this plays out, I might want in on this pre)order as well
argh, why no size 28
if only these were a 8.5!
anyone know if Alden of DC still have the cigar captoe boot in size 8 or 8.5?
very nice, will need a pair of ravello boots in my life one day (after a pair of cigar and #4) does anyone know if there exists a #8 cordovan cap toe boot with antique edges on barrie/trubalance/leydon last?
any chance this one will ever materialise as a group buy MTO?
hi measurements are: waist: 14.75" thighs: 10.5" inseam: 32.5"
For sale: I'm sure I will regret this but selling a pair of Studio D'Artisan 103 with the old arcs and tab; these are a size 29; gently worn, no noticeable fading except at the back pockets around the hidden rivets and middle back belt loop. These have become hard to find so don't hesitate! asking price is 140$ excluding shipping. measurements are: waist: 14.75" thighs: 10.5" inseam: 32.5" some general info - I have done some deals already on SuFu and have a 100%...
can anyone tell me what last these service boots are? Its a collaboration with the Japanse repro brand Real McCoys 3 by SLAB13, on Flickr
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